If you’re an Xfinity internet customer who is looking for a cell phone plan, Xfinity Mobile could be an option for you. In fact, the ability to bundle your internet and cell phone plan could potentially save you money. 

We take a look at Xfinity Mobile plan and break down the plan options and pricing. The Xfinity Mobile data plans are Unlimited or By the Gig. Before purchasing any cell phone plan, it’s important to understand all the details. 

Xfinity Mobile Unlimited data plan 

The Xfinity Mobile unlimited data plan is offered at a flat monthly cost of $45/line per month. 

Customers will get 4G LTE data and 5G access where it’s available, plus personal hotspots. 

To determine if the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited data plan is worth it for you, review your data usage history. Many people will find they don’t use quite as much data as they think they do. If you find you typically only use 2 GB a month, you could save $15 a month by going with the By the Gig data plan option.

Xfinity Mobile By the Gig data plan 

If you don’t need unlimited data, Xfinity Mobile offers their By the Gig data plan. 

  • 1 GB for $15/month

  • 3 GB for $30/month

  • 10 GB for $60/month

It’s important to note that all lines on the plan will share this data. Also, there is no rollover data and your monthly cost is not prorated if you don’t use all your data. 

If you exceed your data plan, you’ll be charged an additional $15/GB or you can update your plan choice.

Know how much data you need

Xfinity’s By the Gig plan is a great consideration for those who have lower data needs. In fact your data needs may be lower than you think. Nobody wants to pay for data they don’t use, but unfortunately, many Americans are overpaying for data they don’t need or use.

Let’s review how to calculate your data needs so you don’t pay for data you don’t need! 

Track how much data you use

Keeping up with how much data you use is one of the best ways to avoid overpaying for data you don’t need. If you use your smartphone as much as the average American, your mobile data usage likely falls between 2GB to 5GB per month.

If you have a smartphone, go to your settings app to look at your data usage over the past few months. It’s important to note here that the amount of data is not how much you’ve used in the past month as it doesn’t automatically reset. Instead, it is the amount of data used since the last time you reset your phone.

When considering whether you should switch over to a new plan, reset your data usage in the settings app and take a look at your data usage over the next one or two months. This will help you get a good idea of how much data you will need for the future!

If your smart phone doesn’t have a data usage tracker, there are also apps from different providers and cell phone companies that can help you track data.

Data by apps

Another important consideration when looking at how much data you use is understanding which apps you use the most. Some apps use more data than others. For instance, emailing uses less data than surfing Instagram, and Instagram uses less data than streaming an HD video on YouTube.

Here are some of the apps that use up the most data:

  • Spotify uses 1 GB for every 24 hours of regular quality music played, 14 hours of high-quality music, and 7 hours of extremely high-quality music played.

  • YouTube uses 1.5 GB for every hour of high-quality video watched. In other words, you use 24 MB per minute streaming videos.

  • Netflix uses around 3 GB an hour while streaming in HD quality. Streaming in standard definition, you’ll only use 1 GB per hour.

  • Facebook and Instagram use 1 GB per every eight hours of surging when autoplay is turned off.

Use less data

If you’re using too little data to pay for unlimited but feel worried about not having enough data if you need it, here are some helpful tips to help you cut down on data usage without even thinking about it!

  • Turn autoplay off Autoplay is a feature on cell phones or computers that allows videos on websites to automatically download and play. This is not only annoying sometimes, but it uses up a good chunk of data that you could be using elsewhere! Go to settings to turn autoplay off.
  • Know how much data you need to avoid overage charges!
  • Use WiFi whenever possible so you don’t use up cell phone data.

Other cost considerations for Xfinity Mobile 

You’re able to add up to 10 lines on Xfinity Mobile, whether that’s a phone, smartwatch or tablet. Each additional line is $10 per month. The Xfinity Mobile website does note that you may be limited to fewer lines based on your credit. 

There are no activation fees, and you receive a free SIM card if you bring your own phone.

Though Xfinity Mobile is only open to Xfinity internet customers, you can maintain your mobile Unlimited or By the Gig plan if you decide to end your internet service. However, you won’t be able to add new lines to your Xfinity Mobile account and you will be charged an extra $20/line per month.

Xfinity Mobile cell phone plan

What network does Xfinity Mobile run on?

Xfinity Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO. As an MVNO, Xfinity Mobile doesn’t own its own wireless network. Instead, Xfinity Mobile buys access to use a wireless network owned and operated by one of the major carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T.

Xfinity Mobile runs on the Verizon network. So if you know Verizon offers good coverage in your area, the Xfinity Mobile might be a smart solution for you to lower your cell phone plan bill. 

Xfinity Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots

Another way Xfinity Mobile sets itself apart from the competition is that you’re able to tap into over 19 million Wi-Fi hotspots. The benefit here is that you can keep your mobile data usage to a minimum by connecting to a hotspot to get online while on the go. 

Does Xfinity Mobile have contracts?

You do not have to sign a term contract to get Xfinity Mobile wireless service. If you’re not happy with your plan or the service, you can leave at any time without penalty or early termination fee. 

You can also switch your plan from By the Gig to Unlimited or vice versa. And if you have multiple lines on your plan, you can select whether each line is Unlimited or By the Gig.