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The new Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X

The newest iGadgetry always causes a kerfuffle in the tech world, but with Steve Jobs no longer at the helm (RIP, you turtleneck-loving genius), it was iffy whether or not the preeminent supplier of mobile devices would continue to live up to its own hype. Breathe a sigh of relief, ...

5 Work-from-Home Options

5 Legit Work-from-Home Options. Working from home is not for everyone, here are five types of opportunities worth considering.

How to Earn the Most Rewards from Your Credit Cards

Credit cards ... So convenient that using them can sometimes make you feel like you’re spending 'pretend money', just like on holiday at a casino resort ... playing with chips! And while there are credit cards that reward your spending with bonus awards, you don’t want to play like a ...

Which College Savings Fund is Best for Me?

We all know the expression: “Little kids, little problems; Big kids, big problems.” Well, we can certainly add, “College-age kids, expensive problems” to that adage. It’s hardly a secret that saving for your child’s education is one of every parent’s greatest challenges and biggest stressors. So you probably need a ...

You've Got Your First Job - Now What?

So you finally got that job offer. Now what? If you had a typical upbringing, you probably didn’t have a chance to learn the basics of money management. Knowing how to navigate a Human Resource benefits website is even less likely. Nevertheless, having that information can make a significant difference ...

Negotiating Tips to Use When Your Promotional Rate Expires

They lure you right in. “Try this product, this service, this utility, the first in this amazing series of whatever, at the very low, introductory rate of xyz and, you’ll see why this is the greatest thing in the entire world.” Familiar, right? It’s called a Promotional Rate and it’s ...

Stay Strong: Five Tips for Mindful Spending

Here are 5 easy tips you can begin today!

Vacation Savings Hacks that Will Give Your Wallet—A Breather

These vacation hacks will be able to give your wallet a rest when it comes to spending.

How Can Young People Build a Solid Credit Foundation

Credit cards are key to building your credit score, but they come with a great deal of responsibility. Irresponsible credit card use could result in heavy debt and an unnecessary squeeze on your financial life. Building good credit is an easy process with the right management strategies. Start with a ...

Top Programs That Allow You to Get Rid of Your Student Debt Faster

Programs That Help Get Rid of Your Student Debt Faster.