Our Story




The financial squeeze is real. Homeowners and auto insurance. Mortgage or rent. Auto loans and student loans. Utilities. Cell phone bill. For many, as much as 50% of our budget goes toward paying these recurring bills. Knowing this, the Squeeze team focused on answering the question, “What can we do to help people who are feeling the financial squeeze of expenses we can’t escape?” The answer: Maximize the value received from the services that we pay for regularly.

On value

We believe in getting the most value out of the things you pay for. Being empowered to make the right decisions secures your financial future. We provide options that are the best for your needs — and your budget. As a result, you get the most value out of the paid services you need.We also know your time is valuable. Getting accurate information shouldn’t require hours visiting different sites and filling out multiple forms. Squeeze takes on the task of shopping your recurring bills across trusted providers.
"We’re about serving people at Squeeze." -Elias Janetis, CEO

On saving

We started out helping our members find savings and increased value on their insurance. It can be complicated and time-consuming to understand the coverage you need and then compare rates. Not only did we want to create a better experience of shopping for insurance, but we also wanted to make sure consumers were getting the best value out of their policy. Wanting to help people beyond insurance, we then looked at how we could help people save money on their cell phone, tv and internet bills.
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