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Lead Generation Program

For those participating in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program, we are happy to offer this opportunity to you, hereby known as the “Vendor/Supplier”, to receive a payout by sending or submitting a “lead” as a “verified lead” via our Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program, in which “lead” includes any individual residing within the United States of America who is represented as one of your personal friends, family members, colleagues, customers, acquaintances, fans or followers via our Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program. Each new Vendor/Supplier will be provided a unique personal tracking link which can be shared with these “leads”. Individual leads (the “leads”) must visit the link and go through the landing page provided by Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program via the share link they were given by the Vendor/Supplier to go through the flow and answer a few short questions. 

Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program Rules and Limitations

Vendors/Suppliers contracted with Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program may not break or violate any law, misrepresent or infringe upon the rights of a third party, and they may not behave in ways that are considered to be harmful, illegal, obscene, harassing, hateful or not within the mission and intent of the Squeeze, LLC Leads Generation Program. In Addition, the Vendor/Supplier may not act in an unfair manner or use disruptive behavior while representing or participating in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program. The Vendor/Supplier may not use any bot, system, or other variant of device or artifice to participate in or to receive any benefit in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program. 

Vendors/Suppliers are not allowed to send or submit themselves as a lead, may not create fake accounts, pay for their friends to send or submit themselves as a verified lead, may not send or submit a person more than once, and may not create multiple Lead Generation Program accounts with Squeeze, LLC. 

Additionally, the Vendor/Supplier may not attempt or participate in tampering with the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program. This includes but is not limited to being prohibited to posting of the personal tracking codes on a site where it is known that no United States citizens are present within the audience. Squeeze LLC  is only interested in purchasing leads that represent individuals residing within the United States of America. 

There is no purchase necessary to become a Vendor/Supplier in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program, and you do not have to be a Squeeze customer to qualify to participate as a vendor/supplier. Please note: the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program may be subject to extra restrictions in certain states within the USA in order to comply with applicable law. 

Squeeze, LLC has the right to pause or cancel the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program at anytime. Squeeze, LLC also has the right to make adjustments to the program as deemed necessary. If adjustments are required, all participating Vendors/Suppliers will be notified by the email address on file, and will be given the option to agree to the new terms or withdraw from the program.

Lead Generation Program Compensation

Any vendor/supplier who complies with the restrictions and guidelines set forth in these terms and submits an “Approved Verified Lead” (definition below) will be eligible to receive the specified compensation offered in the campaign they are participating in, but will be subject to the limitations set forth below. In order for a lead to be deemed valid as an “Approved Verified Lead”, your “lead” must not be a current and existing Squeeze account or registered user.  Individual leads have to follow your link to go through the landing page/site provided. In order to be considered a “verified lead” the individual lead must go through the flow of the landing page answering a few short questions including submitting the code sent from their personal phone.  These leads will be put through security checks, and to make sure the individual is residing in the United States before considered “verified”. 

Compensation will be given in the form of PayPal cash (or as otherwise decided by Squeeze, LLC), which can be subject to PayPal’s terms and conditions. Any payment given will not exceed $575 per fiscal year, unless the Squeeze, LLC Marketing Team invites you to continue as part of an elite lead generation team which requires signing an IRS form 1099-MISC. ALL payments are subject to a brief delay for security checks and other verification. Squeeze, LLC reserves the right to delay compensation in pending status for the purposes of further investigation for the reasons including, but not limited to receiving a fraud alert or noticing other signs of risk. Squeeze, LLC reserves the right to refuse to verify and process any lead generation transaction for any reason.

Lead Generation Program Liability

YOU, THE VENDOR/SUPPLIER, ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND HEREBY AGREE THAT THE INDEMNIFIED PARTIES (WHICH ARE DEFINED BELOW) SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE AT ANY TIME TO YOU OR YOUR LEAD “FRIEND” FOR ANY ACTUAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, ECONOMIC OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY LOSS OF GOODWILL OR LOSS OF PROFITS) ARISING FROM, RELATED TO, UNDER, AND/OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SQUEEZE, LLC LEAD GENERATION PROGRAM, EVEN IF YOU WERE ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF THE SAME. By choosing to participate in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Squeeze, LLC and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and its and their respective attorneys, directors,  officers, employees, independent contractors, insurers, successors, agents and assigns (the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any and all liabilities that could be incurred in connection with your breach or violation of this Agreement; and/or your use of software crawlers, software robots, spiders, or any similar data collecting and extracting tools, or any other action you may take that puts an unreasonable burden on the Squeeze, LLC infrastructure; and your violation of any law, or the rights of any third party. Squeeze, LLC reserves the right, in its own sole discretion, to assume the exclusive defense and control at its own expense of any matter otherwise subject and pertaining to your indemnification. You will not, for any reason, attempt or proceed to settle any claim or matter without first acquiring the written consent of Squeeze, LLC. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE BY LAW, THE INDEMNIFIED PARTIES’ MAXIMUM LIABILITY THAT MAY ARISE OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SQUEEZE, LLC LEAD GENERATION PROGRAM, REGARDLESS OF THE INITIAL CAUSE OF ACTION (WHETHER IN CONTRACT, BREACH OF WARRANTY, TORT, OR OTHERWISE), SHALL BE $100.00.

Lead Generation Program ("Spam") Email and Bulk Distribution

Each Vendor/Supplier is the represented actual sender of the emails and must comply with any and all applicable laws. Lead attraction emails for the purpose of generating a lead need to be designed and sent out with a personal approach that is appropriate and expected for sending communications to friends, family members, colleagues, fans or followers. It is expressly prohibited to use bulk personal link distribution, any distribution to strangers, or any other use of the services described herein in a manner that is not promoted by the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program, and sending emails in this manner may be grounds for further legal action. Squeeze, LLC has no obligation to monitor any communications for the Lead Generation Program or any other communications you send to third parties; however, Squeeze, LLC has the right to choose to do so, and may prohibit the use of the Lead Generation Program. Vendors/Suppliers who do not choose to comply with the law, which includes the anti-spam laws, are obligated to indemnify Squeeze, LLC  against any costs, liabilities, and expenses it could incur as a direct or indirect result of such spam.

Lead Generation Program Right to Cancel, Terminate or Modify

We reserve the right to cancel, terminate, or modify the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program at any given time and for any reason we deem necessary either with or without notice. Squeeze, LLC reserves the right to investigate and inspect any and all lead generation activities, communications or transactions, and if necessary, may suspend accounts or not purchase leads (not pay commission rewards) if we suspect or identify any unusual activity that we believe can be considered fraudulent, abusive, or in a violation of the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program terms or these Terms. In addition, we reserve the right to disqualify any Vendor/Supplier participating in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program at any time from participation in the Squeeze, LLC Lead Generation Program if Squeeze, LLC has a good faith belief that this individual known as the “Vendor/Supplier” has violated any of these Terms.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Prevention and Reporting

At Squeeze, LLC we aim to observe, discover, detect, monitor, and prevent any transactions that may appear to involve any type of fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering, or may appear to show any other illegal activity, and therefore aim to observe and report situations appearing applicable as may be required by the law. Squeeze, LLC reserves the right to refuse service and to deny participation, or deny purchase/commission rewards to anyone in which we may have a reasonable suspicion of any form of violations to any applicable law.


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Effective Date: January 1st, 2019