Auto and Home Insurance Claims

In the event of an accident or loss relating to your home or vehicle, you should contact your insurance carrier to file a claim. You’ll want to have on hand as much information as possible to help the process go quickly and smoothly. Your carrier will let you know the exact next steps to ensure your claim is filed properly. We understand the claims process can be stressful. If you’re unsure whether to file a claim in a given situation or have any questions, our experienced agents can help you make the right decision.

Toll-free number: 877-377-8339

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Report a claim

Find  your insurance carrier below and click on the link or call them directly to report a claim.

Insurance Company

Phone number

(800) 776-4737
(800) 274-7865
(866) 482-5246
(866) 411-2742
(800) 293-2532
(866) 549-9672
(800) 527-3907
(855) 415-7120
(855) 999-9746
(800) 334-1661
(800) 231-4743
(800) 293-2532
(800) 293-2532
(800) 776-4737
(800) 332-3226
(800) 252-4633
(888) 256-3378
(866) 999-0898

Life Insurance Claims

If you're visiting this page now, chances are you're going through a difficult time. Squeeze is here to help wherever possible. To start the claims process, gather the necessary documents (death certificate and policy document, if available) and contact your life insurance provider directly for the quickest response. If your insurer is Ladder, you can start the process here.