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Squeeze Offers 3 More Ways To Lower Your Monthly Bills

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Cara Pace
January 11, 2021

“While things like cell phone and internet service have always been important, quarantine and restrictions on school and work made them even more so,” said Fleury Fleury, VP of Home Services at Squeeze. 

Since the pandemic, staying connected has become more important than ever. With an increased number of people working and attending school remotely, having reliable home services like cell phone and internet are vital. In addition to reliability, affordability is key as people are looking to reduce their monthly expenses and save more money

“People are looking for new service or upgraded services to help them stay connected. And spending more time at home has meant people are streaming more than they were a year ago,” said Fleury. 

What's your monthly cell phone bill?

The average cell phone plan costs almost $100 a month. So you might be surprised to learn that you can find a plan with unlimited talk and text starting as low as $15 a month. These plans offer many of the same services as you would find in a plan from a major carrier, but without the high monthly cost.

With a fixed monthly cost and no hidden fees, switching to a prepaid cell phone plan could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Save even more money when you bring your own phone with you. 

Find the right home internet plan

One month your bill is $50 a month for internet service, and the next month you notice your bill is $10 or $15 higher. What’s going on?

An expired promotional rate is the most common reason for your internet bill increasing - and a good reason to switch providers. Before you commit to any internet service provider, be sure you are clear on the terms to keep that rate. 

If you rely on internet service to get work done and attend Zoom meetings, you’re not alone. A new study from the Pew Research Center found that 81% of employed adults who are working from home all or most of the time say they use video calling or online conferencing services like Zoom or Webex at least some of the time.

How do you stream?

The number of streaming services available seems to be increasing at an Olympic athlete’s pace. Netflix was the first provider to launch their streaming service back in 2007, and Hulu followed the very next year in 2008.

Today, the number of streaming services to choose from is dizzying. Is live TV a must-have? A streaming service like Sling or fuboTV might be the best solution for you. Only care about original content? Take your pick as almost all the major streaming service providers from Netflix to Disney+ are investing in unique content to win your dollars.  

Still, subscribing to three of even four streaming services could be cheaper than paying for cable. The average monthly cable bill tops out at $217.

Squeeze for savings

Offering customers a one-stop-shop for all three services - cell phone, internet and streaming - means less stress on your bank account and more time on your hands to binge your favorite show.  

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Fleury Fleury recently joined Squeeze as Vice President of Home Services. He will focus on growing the home services product line and ensuring the current tools continue to provide the most value for customers. Read the full press release here.