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Example internet plan info

Finding an internet plan for your household is easy with Squeeze.

We created our comparison tool so that it’s quick and easy to find the best plan based on how many connected devices are used in your household and your internet habits. In under five minutes, get internet plans available in your area and select by price, internet speed and more. Squeeze and start saving today!

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Home internet plans

Did You Know?

The average internet plan costs $60 a month.

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What internet speed do I need?

Did You Know?

Download speed refers to how quickly data can be downloaded from the internet and is important for streaming video and music.

Find Your Internet Speed

Internet speed guidelines

The following guidelines from the Federal Communications Commission can help you estimate how much internet speed is right for your household. The minimum internet speeds recommended below are based on performing a single activity at a time.

When you Squeeze your internet bill, you can find the best plans based on your household’s specific needs.

General Usage

  • General web browsing and email1 Mbps
  • Streaming online radio~.5 Mbps
  • Voice calls (VoIP)~.5 Mbps
  • Remote learning5-25 Mbps
  • Telecommuting5-25 Mbps
  • Social media1 Mbps

Watching Video

  • Streaming standard definition (SD) video3-4 Mbps
  • Streaming high-definition (HD) video5-8 Mbps
  • Streaming Ultra HD 4K video25 Mbps

Video Conferencing

  • Personal video calls (e.g., Skype)1 Mbps
  • HD personal video calls1.5 Mbps
  • HD video teleconferencing6 Mbps


  • Game console connected to internet3 Mbps
  • Online multiplayer games4 Mbps

Types of internet connections

When choosing an internet plan, consider the type of connection it is.



A Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, internet connection uses wired telephone lines connected to a home to deliver internet service.



Cable internet requires a modem in the home and is received using the same copper wiring that provides cable TV service.



A fiber internet connection delivers the fastest download speeds.

Mobile (LTE)

Mobile (LTE)

A mobile connection requiring a modem to provide internet access delivered through cellular towers.



Satellite internet requires a satellite dish and receiver to provide service.

Internet facts

Internet facts

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