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9 Best Insurance Blogs of 2021

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Maria Neira
February 2, 2021

Insurance may not be the sexiest topic, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, one thing insurance is: Complicated. A good insurance blog works hard to breakdown everything the insurance world has to offer to you. Some blogs are more focused on insurance news and are geared to those working in the industry, like agents and brokers. Meanwhile, other insurance blogs are more inclusive and cover travel and driving tips. 

Whether you want to learn more about auto insurance, home or condo insurance, life or a specialty insurance, here are nine blogs to up your knowledge. If we missed one, let us know and we'll check it out!

Insurance blogs worth bookmarking

The Triple-I Blog - The Insurance Information Institute is a trusted source when it comes to insurance, and you can expect the same from their blog. The Triple-I Blog covers the latest information topics, and their posts are often full of great statistics from their own research and others as it relates to driving and insurance.  

Safeco Blog - Safeco Insurance is a Liberty Mutual Company, and they know a thing or two about insurance. Their blog has driving and travel tips, plus updates on how their agents are making a difference in their community.  

Insurance Business - More an insurance news site than a blog, this is a go-to site for those looking for insurance market analysis, breaking news, webinars and more. Learn about specialty insurance arms as well, such as cannabis, cyber and workers comp. Consumers can also find information on every type of insurance in their Guides section.

The Allstate Blog - You know you’re in good hands with this insurance blog. Allstate provides great tips on everything from planning a pet-friendly road trip to protecting your home from flood damage.

Insurance Journal - The Insurance Journal blog has something for everyone as it relates to insurance. If you’re in the industry, you’ll find conference insights and career tips. For consumers, learn about the various types of insurance from commercial to auto.

Ask Tim - Tim tackles his readers’ technical insurance questions. He also has a regular video series called, “Two Minutes With Tim” where he covers topics like car sharing and whether a pool is considered a detached structure.

The Insurance Word Blog - There’s a lot going on in your life - family, marriage, jobs. This blog from Life Happens looks at how life insurance can help in every aspect of your life. Life Happens is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance.

Answers from Progressive - More of an insurance guide than a blog, but this is a great resource from a trusted source on all things insurance. The content is divided into four sections - Everything, Am I Covered?, Insurance Basics, Costs & Savings - making it easy to find the information you want.

Squeeze - We couldn’t leave the Squeeze blog off this list. We have you covered if you’re looking for how to get the best auto insurance and car insurance discounts. You’ll also find advice to help you manage everything from calculating sales tax on a car purchase to transferring your car insurance. 

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