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Disney+ vs. Netflix: Which is Better?

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June 18, 2021

Cutting the cord is all the rage. It can not only save you a couple hundred bucks each month, but it can give you access to more shows and movies you love at the press of a button. From Netflix to Hulu to the recent platform Disney+, there are so many options to choose from. So, how do you make the right streaming service choice?

Since 2019 when Disney+ first launched, they have become one of the most popular streaming platforms available. They’ve even caused some loyal Netflix users to make the switch. Are you thinking of making a switch or choosing between the two services? The decision isn’t the same for everyone, but by comparing both options, you can learn which is best for you.

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What to compare

To get an accurate comparison of Netflix and Disney+ and decide which is best for you, we have to get into the details. Let’s compare some of the most important factors to consider such as price, content available, additional features, discounts, and more!


One of the factors that has the biggest sway in your decision is price. You want to make sure whatever streaming service you choose fits into your budget and gives you the most savings for the best content. Deals and discounts are a big part of this as well. So, let’s take a look at pricing to start out with.


Disney Plus offers a standard streaming package starting at $7.99 a month. If you pay the annual price all at once, you can pay a one-time payment of $79.99 to save on your costs. With bundling deals (we’ll get to that in just a bit), this price can go down even lower.


Netflix ranks a little bit higher in its price point, but it also offers three different package options. The first option is known as the standard package and is $8.99 a month. This package allows for one stream at a time in standard video resolution. The second package is $13.99 a month and allows for two streams at a time in higher definition. The third and final package costs $17.99 a month and allows for four streams at the same time with Ultra 4K resolution.


As far as content goes, each streaming service offers something unique. Both have their pros, and both have their cons.


Disney Plus is known for having family friendly, kid friendly, and fun content. From National Geographic films, Disney movies, Disney channel TV shows from your childhood, and movies from the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, there is no shortage of content to choose from.

They also have a solid selection of original content, too. For example, The Mandalorian and the popular Star Wars TV show have taken a front row seat with the binge-watching community. Disney Plus also offers great original movies such as Artemis Fowl, which was supposed to be released in theaters.

The main benefit of Disney Plus content library is that it’s all family friendly! While Netflix has restrictions you can put on shows and movies to keep the content PG, Disney Plus is a great option for those who want to avoid scary or violent content altogether.


Netflix has the upper hand when it comes to numbers. They have thousands of shows and movies available, with award-winning original content thanks to their access to professional actors, directors, and movie producers.

Netflix has family content available as well, and you can even make a kid’s profile if you want to keep an eye on what your kids are watching but continue to watch your favorite shows and movies. This decision is left mostly up to preference, so factoring in what shows you like better and taking this into consideration with price can help you choose!

Discounts available

We’re always searching for ways to save money. In fact, many Americans overpay on their household bills and don’t even know it! So, it’s important to know all the ways possible to squeeze every last cent of savings back into your pocket. Discounts and deals are some of the best ways to cash in the savings.

When it comes to discounts, Disney Plus may have the upper hand.


Disney+ has two deal options available. The first is their annual premium discount that takes off around 20% of the total price. To get this discount, you make a one-time payment instead of the monthly payments. 

The second deal is a bundling discount with ESPN Plus and Hulu (with ads). When you bundle these two together with Disney Plus, you can get everything for only $13.99 a month. This is cheaper than a Netflix plan!

But wait, there’s more. To add the icing on the cake, those with a Verizon Wireless unlimited cell phone plan or a Verizon internet plan with either Fios or 5G have access to six months or one year of Disney+ for free.


Netflix used to have a 30-day free trial, but they stopped this offer recently. Unfortunately, they don’t have any other discounts or deals currently available.

Streaming devices

Before you sign up for a streaming platform or pay the annual fee upfront, it’s important to make sure you’re able to use it on your devices.


Disney Plus is available on the following devices:

  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Nvidia Shield set-top boxes
  • On a PC or internet browser
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
  • PlayStation 4 and 5 gaming systems
  • Roku TVs
  • Amazon Fire stick
  • Vizio smart TV, Samsung smart TVs, and LG smart devices


One of the benefits of Netflix is that it’s available on almost every platform you can think of. Since it’s been around for so long, most devices support it. Any gaming consoles (even the Wii and 3DS), apps, smart TVs, cable boxes, Blu-ray devices, and any Chromecast devices, Roku, Amazon Fire sticks, or set-top boxes support Netflix.

Availability outside the US

If you don’t live in the United States, then it’s important to make sure your country has access to whatever streaming platform you choose. It’s also important if you frequently travel internationally.


Disney Plus is limited in where it’s available. Right now, it is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Netherlands. The rest of the world may have to wait until later on in 2021 or 2022 to have access to Disney Plus.

The good news is, if you’re hooked on Disney Plus and don’t want to give it up when you travel for work or vacation, you will still have access to the movies or TV shows you’ve downloaded. Or, if you are traveling to a country where Disney Plus is available, you will have access to the content available in that specific country.


Netflix may have the upper hand when it comes to availability across the globe. It has been around for much longer, so it has a pretty big head start for globalizing its territory. Netflix is available to stream in almost 200 countries and locations. The only countries that don’t have access to Netflix are China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria. If business takes you everywhere across the globe, you may want to consider taking Netflix with you over Disney Plus.

Tips to save money on your streaming service 

No matter what streaming services you decide on, here are some tips to save money!

  • Explore all your options. By shopping around and exploring different streaming platforms, you can make the best decision that saves you the most money.

  • Know your internet needs. If you cut the cord, you’ll need to have a reliable internet connection. Learn more about how to know your internet needs here and compare internet plans.

  • Look for discounts and deals. Especially if you are on a budget, having a few bucks knocked off your price each month can add up quickly. Look for deals, bundling discounts, and student discounts to see what applies to you.

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Ultimately, the decision is yours. Disney Plus has a wide variety of options for your kids and has all the shows you used to watch on Disney channel as a kid. Plus, with its affordable price each month and unlimited users, it’s well worth the cost. On the other hand, if you favor “Stranger Things” or the Netflix original content over Disney, then Netflix is only a few bucks extra to watch what you love.