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Squeeze Insurance Expands In the Southeast to 4 New States

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Cara Pace
November 18, 2020

November has been off to an exciting start for Squeeze. Our insurance business is growing and has expanded beyond Florida into four new states.

In addition to serving Florida, we now offer insurance solutions to residents in: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

“It’s exciting to expand into these areas and watch how our customer base grows,” says Brent Campbell, COO of Squeeze.

Helping consumers lower their spend on monthly bills is at the core of our mission. Home insurance and auto insurance are two services we can’t simply go without. And we know there is room for most consumers to save money on these bills. 

The average cost of auto insurance in the United States is $129 a month, and the average cost of homeowners insurance tops out at $100 a month. 

Here at Squeeze, we believe everyone should have access to the insurance they need at a price they can afford. 

Rising auto insurance rates

Since the pandemic, many auto insurance companies have provided refunds to help customers save a bit during these times. 

But for many, it’s not enough to combat rising rates.

In Alabama, auto insurance rates increased by $329 between 2015 and 2018. And drivers in Alabama should be careful not to let their auto insurance coverage lapse for even one day. The state fine for drivers who let their car insurance lapse is $200 for a first offense.

Squeeze helps drivers get the right auto insurance policy at the best price. That means, getting the discounts you deserve and the coverage you need. Squeeze members that switched their auto insurance have an average savings of $748 a year. 

Homeowners insurance on the rise 

Here in Florida, insurance rates have been greatly affected by things like climate change, an increase in the number of claims being made, and rising construction costs. 

What’s more, Florida insurers are getting state-approved rate hikes, which translates into customers dealing with an increase in their premiums ranging from 30% to 40%. 

Residents in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are feeling the same premium pain when it comes to their home insurance rates.

Earlier this month, the North Carolina Rate Bureau requested a statewide average increase of 24.5% to take effect August 2021. The state’s Commissioner of Insurance Mike Causey noted that increased wind and hail losses stemming from damaging storms were driving factors behind the requested rate increase.

Squeeze makes it easy to get the insurance you need for your home or condo. 

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