Over the past few years, television has changed remarkably. And I think it's time for your viewing habits to change as well.

If you're not one of those who enjoy paying up to $125 a month for a cable or satellite subscription you watch only once in a while, chances are that you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon of those who have cut the cord and are now getting their favorite movies, TV shows and even live sports through streaming tv services.

If you haven't ”cut the cord”, here are a few reasons why you should consider cord-cutting:

1. The savings are massive

A good reason why you should cut the cord is, it's drilling a hole in your pocket. What's even worse is: You probably never even watch most of those channels you pay for.

Here's how you lose money:

According to TiVO's fourth-quarter Online Video and Pay-TV Trends report. Most cable or satellite plans start at over $75 and that's just for the channels in the bundle. To get those channels, you must rent a cable box for anywhere between $12 and $15, pay for an HD video card for about $8 and pay some extra cash for all the other miscellaneous service fees that.

Before you know it, your monthly bill approaches the $125 mark.

Here’s an alternative: Pay $8 monthly for Netflix and $14.99 for HBONow, and you've got a wide variety of options for just $22.99. Neither service is contract-based, so you can cancel anytime you please.

2. You get a personalized viewing experience

Unlike cable or satellite subscriptions where you have to sit through whatever programming they choose to air cordless services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video has the ability to curate content based on a viewer's tastes.

The more you watch, the better the service gets at matching its suggestions to your viewing tastes.

After watching a few programs that are generally similar, the service’s algorithms begin to recognize your preferences and starts to curate contents accordingly.

If you prefer for instance “Weird Sci-fi animations” — or any other content category. It consequently tailors its suggestion to suit your viewing preferences.

3. Live content

In the past, many used to think without cables, they’d be unable to watch live contents— especially sports.

But now, things are beginning to change pretty fast, Thursday Night Football is soon coming to Amazon. ESPN, NFL RedZone, NBA Network and a lot of other premium sports channels are now available through SlingTV.

Also, most of the sports leagues from MLB to NFL to NHF now offer streaming services.

And with a $20 antenna, you can watch most of your home team's games for free and in HD.

For more details on how to cancel cable and still watch your favorite sports live, check out this pretty helpful guide.

friends looking at a phone smiling

4. Say bye-bye to commercials

Remember those commercials that interrupt you mid-program? You can now say Bye Bye to them.

Because with internet TV, you’ll be able to cut down drastically on those annoying 45-second commercials.

5. Say hello to free-trials

With so many streaming options available these days and each one promising you the best viewing experience, it might be confusing and difficult to decide on which to pick.

But thankfully, almost all subscription services out there offer some sort of free trial.

How would a free trial help?

Think of it this way, say a clothing line allows you to try their clothes on for free for 7 days or more before deciding whether you should pay for it or not.

What would that do for you? At least 2 things

  1. You get to wear it around to see if you're comfortable in it.

  1. You also get to listen to friends or strangers tell you it looks good on you.

That's exactly what SlingTV or Amazon Prime free trial does for you

However, there’s a caveat, if after a few days of trying out the subscription you feel you don't want to settle with it then be sure to cancel the subscription before the free trial ends. If you don't, the service might charge you for at least a month, remember you entered your credit card details while signing up for the free trial.

Here are the free trials that some of the major streaming services offer:

Wrapping up

Even though the whole America might not be ready yet for cord-cutting, there’s no denying that the practice is growing at a pretty fast rate.

Start saving on all your streaming needs with just a click!