If you’re lucky, cable may already be included in your rent or homeowners association fees. But if not, cable could cost you as much as $125 a month for a plan! According to a 2017 Federal Communications Commission report, rates have climbed 3% to 4% annually since 2004. Most cable or satellite subscriptions include a hundred different channels, which is great. But in reality, you know you only watch about six of them.

Streaming TV choices

Cutting the cable cord has never been easier. With so many options for streaming TV, you can pay just for what you want to watch. You can choose from one of the leading premium streaming players like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu. In addition to offering classic syndicated TV shows, each of these providers has their own library of unique shows.

If there’s just a particular show you want to check out, another option is to just pay for the channel. I admit, I’m one of the 10 people in the world who haven’t watched “Game of Thrones” yet. I know. I could subscribe to HBO for $14.99/month. If I’m determined, maybe I can binge watch everything during the seven-day free trial and pay nothing! HBO, Showtime as well as cable TV channels like CBS offer streaming.

Just a sports fan? No problem. Streaming choices like FuboTV offer packages that cover NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL plus dozens of college, regional, national and international games. The games are all live - and in HD.

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Reasons to cut the cord

If you haven’t cut the cord yet, here are five great reasons to do it now.

1. Save more money each month

A 2017 TiVo Video Trends report found that almost half (49%) of consumers surveyed pay $51 to $100 per month for cable - and another 20% pay $126 or more! Cutting the cord means putting more money in your budget toward paying down debt or saving for your dream vacation.

Getting cable often means paying for more channels than you actually need. What’s more, you often end up paying for more than just the cable service. There is the cable box, and let’s not forget about broadcast fees. It’s easy to see how a monthly bill can approach the $100+ mark.

Hulu, for example, starts at $5.99 per month and includes original series and current TV series as well as NFL games.

2. Get a personalized viewing experience

Don’t deal with cable or satellite subscriptions where you have to sit through whatever programming they choose to air at the time they pick.

Instead, curate the shows you want with an online streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. What’s more, these services have algorithms to help you discover more shows that you may like and haven’t heard of before.

3. You won’t miss live TV programs

Myth: Without cable, you won’t be able to watch the Super Bowl or Oscars live.

Fact: Without cable, you can still watch the live programs you want.

ESPN, NFL RedZone, NBA Network and other premium sports channels are available through SlingTV. Most of the sports leagues from MLB and NFL to NHL now offer streaming services as well.

Even if you choose not to pay for TV at all, you can pick up a HD TV antenna for as little as $20.

Watching live TV is still possible if you cut the cord4. Say bye-bye to commercials

Say no more.

5. Say hello to free time

Honestly, sometimes it just feels good to purge. And that includes cable. Sure, it’s great to spend a whole day on the couch with your bestie and a few bags of chips. But it’s also great to get outside, travel to a new destination or explore a new local restaurant.

Wait, did you say ‘free trial’?

If you’re still on the fence about cutting the cable cord, I have two words for you: Free. Trial.

Most of the online streaming services offer a short free trial before making you pay for their service. You’ll still have to enter your payment information, but you typically have seven days or more to cancel if you want.

Popular free trial offers

Squeeze your cable bill and start saving more money every month!