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Top 10 Coupon Blogs To Save You Money

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Brent Campbell
April 2, 2019

For some, saving money on everyday purchases is an essential element of sticking to a budget. For others, it is more of a sport. And some see it as a moral imperative, finding ways to combat inflated prices and get goods at a reasonable price. Whatever your reason for saving and seeking out coupons, discounts, and deals, the truth is that it feels good to get something for less than retail price, not to mention less than other consumers are paying. 

Of course, it's not always easy to find coupons for the items you want and need. But thanks to ye olde interwebs, you don't have to go it alone like coupon-cutters of old, with their stack of Sunday papers. You can seek assistance from those who are in the trenches, scoping out the best deals and delivering them directly to readers. We're talking about coupon blogs, and there are several you'll want to check out. 

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1. Money Saving Mom

Mother of three Crystal Paine first started couponing with her mom as a kid - no surprise considering she has six siblings herself. She has segued her early passion for saving into a truly spectacular blog. Unlike many coupon blogs, there's a lot more than just a laundry list of links to look at. Her layout is more sophisticated than most, she adds eye-catching pics, and her site is easy to navigate. Whether you're looking for store deals, coupons, or freebies and giveaways, they're easy to find on Money Saving Mom. Crystal's goal is to tell you legitimate, practical, non-gimmicky ways to help you live frugally in your everyday life - she strives for simple living and is all for her readers to do the same. 

2. Frugal Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods have started their blog back in 2014 with life plans to live in the countryside be be self-sufficient. Together they were able to live out their dream by becoming frugal gurus and managing to save 70% of their income together. The blog is inspiring to chase your dreams and being frugal the whole way there. Their blog categories range from Uber Frugal Month to Frugal Pet Care, with hundreds of blogs to look through - there is the right one to help you move with your best foot forward and extra cash in your pocket. 

3. The Krazy Coupon Lady

At this point you might be sensing a theme - mothers that like coupons and like sharing them with others. Let's be honest, it's mainly moms that are responsible for the shopping and cooking for the average household, so it only makes sense that ladies would be on the front lines when it comes to couponing. The Krazy Coupon Lady delivers with deals on everything from groceries and toiletries to electronics, appliances, and free Amazon music. Plus, her site is simple, streamlined, and attractive. Best of all, she now has an app!

4. Free Stuff Finder

You won't actually find a ton of totally free items on this blog, but the sleuthing mom behind this blog is great at tracking down deals like 70% off swimsuits at Target, wine glasses at Macy's for a third of the cost, or major savings on boots at Zulily, just for example. She's got her finger on the pulse of discounts and deals in-store and online, she makes sure to advise of mail-in rebates on top of other savings, and she frequently heads to stores to get her own pics of discount products on shelves.

5. Deal Seeking Mom

To be honest, this isn't the sexiest coupon blog out there. It's outdated, it isn't optimized, and frankly, it's pretty bare bones. That said, discounts, deals, and coupons are posted with regularity, giving followers plenty of opportunities to save on everything from makeup to home electronics.

6. I Heart Kroger

If you shop at one of many stores under the Kroger umbrella, you'll definitely enjoy the access to coupons provided by this site. With daily updates, you'll have no trouble jumping on the latest steals at your local Kroger store.

7. Hip2Save

Mother of three Collin Morgan got on board with frugal living after keeping up with the Joneses put her family in a financial hole. Soon after, she started blogging about her experience, and Hip2Save was born. Today, this popular coupon blog provides multiple posts daily detailing discounts and deals on everything from cookies, to motor oil, to LEGO sets - basically everything the average household needs. She has incorporated a new coupon page named Hip2BeHome with deals, decoration, tips and ideas for all your home needs. 

8. Bargain Babe

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the name of this site. Even better, of course, are the contents, which feature a scrolling sidebar of daily deals right next to blog posts geared toward helping you get more for less, from putting together a budget wardrobe to meal planning like a boss. Self-titled "obsessive bargain hunter" Mara also delivers handy tips on timely topics like disaster preparedness.

9. Coupon Cravings

Not going to lie, this site has some issues. Not only does it not auto resize to fit the screen (um, optimization 101), but you have to get through a couple of immediate popups to actually reach the content. Technical difficulties notwithstanding, Kate Sorensen delivers deals on stuff for home, family, beauty, and more. If you're looking for the latest discounts on everything from kids' clothing to free Kindle books to cookie cutters, you'll find them here.

10. Fabulessly Frugal

Good play on words. The stated goal of this blog is to "help you live healthy, wealthy, and wise". This includes not only offering up discounts on items like food, floor mats, and the perfect pair of pants, but also providing recipes for breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls, as well as frugal tips like how to freeze zucchini and DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

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