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6 Ways to Be More Frugal in 2019

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Maria Neira
December 19, 2018

"Being frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste." - Catherine Pulsifer

With the approach of 2019 coming at us faster than we thought, it is always important to set goals and achieve what we couldn’t the year before. It is time to hustle in 2019 for financial freedom and a happy lifestyle.

It starts by taking baby steps - patience and determination are key.

Your undivided attention to this subject is necessary to find out there are many ways to take action. Whether you think you are being frugal or not, there are different paths to saving and being more conscious of your money.

Earning is hard, spending is easy. We rationalize everything we spend our money on and convince ourselves that it’s well-deserved. But, the truth is you probably don’t need many of those items that are purchased “in the moment”.

As far as being frugal with your money, most people have a lot of room to save on their monthly expenses. We’ve all been guilty of wasting money from month to month, so let’s plan for 2019 to be a year of change.

Being frugal doesn't take away fun or mean that you have to stay home to not spend money. It simply helps you set your goals straight and ultimately enjoy what you have in front of you.

Be more frugal - and have more time and money to spend with your family.

1. Find frugality within

Being frugal isn't a bad way to refer to yourself or others. It doesn't mean your cheap or boring, it simply means that you are cautious about your spending.

Money is associated with happiness which is a sad way to think of it. Money isn't everything, it can improve how you live your life but if it’s not taken care of it can also cause stress, anxiety and lots of debt.

Start being frugal before you run out of options. Don’t let yourself take advantage of spending and realizing when it’s too late.

It is important to learn how to save money and disengage from needless spending. Being frugal isn’t only a short-term solution, it can turn into a long-term benefit for your healthy financial lifestyle.

There is no reason you should be falling into debt in order to be having a good time, there is a balance that needs to be found within yourself where you will find happiness with your money.

Being frugal has the power to keep a great lifestyle going while maintaining a reasonable budget.

If any of these reasons below describe your situation then maybe making changes to your current spending could be an option:

  • Trying to keep up with others lifestyles
  • Not appreciating the little things around you
  • Live a complex life
  • Adding onto debt

Living it up when you're “young” is basically a social standard but it's not until your older when you start to realize how much money we’ve actually spent throughout the years.

At the end of the day, it is all about finding frugality happiness within yourself.

2. Excuses? Ugh, get rid of them!

We’ve all made excuses, but it is just simply something that we use to make ourselves feel better at the end of the day.

There are many people that make excuses for their financial setbacks and make others believe they really can't be more cautious with their spending.

In doing so, financial goals are never met in those cases due to poor management of money.  

It all starts with getting real with yourself and not putting up a front or excuse.

3. Be happy with what you have

A lot of us get lost in the midst of what society portrays.

Being able to stay home and appreciate your family and friends at the moment is worth more than anything with a price tag on it.

Next time you think you need something expensive because the person next to has it or you think you deserve it, re-evaluate. Be honest with yourself about whether it is a necessary purchase to reach your everyday life goals.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy yourself an expensive laptop for work or go out for a nice dinner with your friends, just being attentive to your budget and happy with your lifestyle is what matters the most.

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4. Stop paying for cable!

According to The Motley Fool, “One effective way to reduce this spending is to quit your cable company and just stream your video entertainment."

The average monthly cable bill is over $100. By the year 2020, the average cable bill is expected to be around $200 a month.

That is just too much to be spending on TV cable when you can save with streaming.

Cord-cutting is the way to save money because of its low cost, along with many video entertainment options.

You stream and pay for only the content you enjoy watching. Hulu is now offering Live TV for a much lower price than cable, where can you go wrong? There are many streaming services including Sling TV and Roku

5. Find more affordable means of entertainment

Depending on your city, there are always free movie nights at your local amphitheater, affordable food truck events and much more.

There is no reason to fall into debt because you want to go out and spend $100 every weekend.

Which equals up to $400 a month! *insert anguished emoji face here*

That lifestyle pace equals up to $5000 a year... Come on now!

When you want to be frugal there is no room for unnecessary overspending.

6. Stop trying to impress others with material things

Being truthful and happy within comes along with not caring about what others think about you and your lifestyle.

A lot of people spend to impress, whether it be a big purchase of a TV or a huge purchase of a car. Adapting the “I don’t care what others think” mindset can help you be realistic with your spending and knowing whether you truly need or even want that item.