Do you want to get paid to save? Of course you do, and that’s exactly what Squeeze is going to do!

Squeeze is launching the Get Paid to Save Sweepstakes to give their members even more savings. On top of shopping for your household bills to find a lower rate or better deal, they’re also throwing in a chance for you to have one month of your auto insurance, homeowners insurance or cell phone paid for!

The Get Paid to Save Sweepstakes starts today, and three lucky winners will be randomly selected next month. 

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How Squeeze works

Squeeze shops for your household bills searching for the lowest rates and best deals that bring you the most money savings. 

No more long hours spent in front of the computer comparing rates for your auto or home insurance. And say good-bye to visiting site after site searching for a new cell phone plan that meets your needs and budget. 

Simply sign up for a free Squeeze account, and select which household bills you want to squeeze. Get instant results. Sign your bills up once, and we take it from there continuously shopping for those bills to make sure you always have the best deal.  

How to enter the sweepstakes

The more bills you Squeeze, the more chances you have to win!

  1. Set up your free Squeeze account.

  2. Select the bills you want us to shop for (auto insurance, home insurance, cell phone plan). 

  3. Get your real-time Squeeze savings results.

  4. Success! You’ll be automatically entered into the Get Paid to Save Sweepstakes.

You’re automatically entered in the sweepstakes when you squeeze your auto insurance, homeowners insurance or cell phone. For every bill you want us to shop for, you earn one chance to win. Have Squeeze shop for all three of these bills for you, and that means you could win three times! 

Next month we’ll randomly select three lucky Squeeze members and pay one of their monthly bills. Squeeze-Sweep-Static-Twitter-1200x628...

Check out the official legal sweepstakes stuff here. 

Good luck, Squeezers!