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Mature Driver Courses in Florida

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Cara Pace
November 11, 2019

There is another benefit of getting older - lower car insurance. Many companies offer an added car insurance discount to customers starting at age 50 or 55. 

Mature driver discount

According to Florida law, insurance discounts are authorized for certain persons completing a safety course. Specifically, drivers who are at least 55 years old can complete any mature driver, or senior driver, discount course that is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

Section 627.0652 of the Florida Statutes

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shall consider the competency of the personnel offering the course, the quality of the content and activities of the course with respect to its capability to prevent accidents by persons age 55 or older who complete the course, and the reasonableness of the fee for the course. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shall establish the minimum number of hours necessary for completion of a course. A course approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shall require each person completing the course to pass a written test given by the course evaluating the person’s knowledge of the content of the course.

Once you complete a mature driver discount course, you can submit your completion certificate to your insurance company. Any additional discount is determined by your provider. If you have been with your provider for several years, be sure to get new quotes. You may save yourself hundreds of dollars by switching car insurance.

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FLHSMV Approved Mature Driver Courses

Here is a complete list of mature driver courses that are approved by the FLHSMV.

NamePhoneCostFlorida Educational Driving School 888-497-1755 $12 American Safety Council 800-393-1063 $14.95 Defensive Drivers Discount 877-697-2331 $24.99 Mature Driver Online 800-998-8533 $9.95 Wise Traffic School 877-885-8843 $13.95 AARP Driver Safety Program 888-227-7669 $19.95 AARP members / $24.95 non-members DriverEducators.com 888-237-5669 $14.95 I Drive Safely 800-723-1955 $14.95 Online Mature Driver by Improv Comedy Club 800-660-8908 $19.95 AAA - Safe Driving for Mature Operators 866-659-1317 $15.95 AAA members / $19.95 non-members National Safety Council - Coaching the Mature Driver 800-237-0676 $29.95 Traffic School Online - Mature Driver 800-800-3579 $14.95 10 Dollar Florida Senior 844-812-8512 $10 American Safety Institute - Senior Driving Course 800-800-7121 $14.95