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Credit Cards That Offer the Best Perks

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Maria Neira
November 6, 2017

2017 is a great year to get a credit card if you’re a young person or a college student. Currently, some of the best credit cards out there include Discover It for students, Capital One Secured MasterCard, Blue Cash Preferred, Chase Slate Card, and Chase Freedom Unlimited. Each offers its own unique set of benefits, but they all help save money on everyday expenses. Of course, the best card for you depends on your preferences. And while you may not have the credit score to get some of these credit cards, you’ll at least know what to look for when you qualify in the future. 

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Discover It for Students

One reason this card is great for students is a guarantee of $20 cash back if you earn a 3.0 or higher GPA each year. Also, there are no late fees the first time you miss a payment, and late payments won’t raise your annual percentage rate or APR. Your APR will remain zero until the interest rate kicks in, which depends on your credit-worthiness. You must have a fair credit score to obtain this one.


Capital One Secured MasterCard

This card is suitable for those who have not-so-stellar credit or a limited credit history, but it’s a top card in its own right. A $200 required deposit establishes a credit line, and there are no annual fees. Furthermore, you may qualify for additional lines if your payment history is solid. The Capital One card builds your credit, so you can qualify for higher-end cards in the future.


Blue Cash Preferred

This is the card that those who have poor credit scores should aspire to because it requires an excellent credit score to qualify, and Blue Cash Preferred is among the best when it comes to cash-back rewards. Lasting features include 6 percent cash back at supermarkets and another 3 percent at gas stations. The APR is zero, and interest rates depend on credit history. 

Chase Slate Card

Slate Top Transfer offers the same 0 percent APR but only for the first 15 months. The great thing about this card is that there is no annual fee, and it’s fairly generous in terms of APR penalties. You would pay no interest penalty if you miss a due date, which comes in handy if you tend to be late on credit card payments. This card’s primary draw is the no-charge balance transfer. Add that to the fact that the card was named “Best Credit Card for Balance Transfers,” it makes it a stand out among rival credit cards.

If you are looking for other balance transfer offers that may suit you better, look at The Simple Dollar’s Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards for 2017. Simple Dollar made it really easy for anyone that wants to see options. 

Chase Freedom Unlimited

With this card, you can redeem rewards for cash at any time, and rewards don’t expire as long as your account remains open. During the first three months, you’ll get $150 bonus when you spend $500 during a purchase. The only drawback is that APRs and balance transfer fees set in once the promotional period expires. But one of the card’s best features is an automatic 1.5 percent cash-back on all purchases, which doesn’t sound like a lot but builds up over time.

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