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13 Best Car Podcasts to Tune Into

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Cara Pace
June 22, 2020

Podcasts can make a commute a little less terrible. And if you’re not spending as much time driving these days, these car podcasts can help make the day a little better - no matter where you are. 

From new-car reviews and car restoration advice to auto industry news, these are 13 of the best car podcasts to tune into. 

  1. Everyday Driver Car Debate
  2. Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast
  3. Driving While Awesome
  4. Car Talk
  5. The War on Cars
  6. CarCast
  7. The Collecting Cars Podcast
  8. Curbside Classic Car Podcast
  9. The Smoking Tire
  10. Gears and Beers
  11. Talking Cars
  12. B Squad Hotrod
  13. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

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Everyday Driver Car Debate

Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken are just two guys that drive cars everyday - and make awesome videos of them doing it. And they want to help others find a car they love. On their podcast, Everyday Driver Car Debate, Paul and Todd help their viewers and listeners find the most awesome car that fits their wants and budget.  

Podcast highlight: Convincing the wife, plotting your extremes, suing for extra 

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Hosted by automotive journalist Kris Clewell and Jake Solberg, this is, well, a pretty good car podcast. They dive into car history, cover car culture and report on the latest industry news. Overcast also has special guests on occasion, such as racing legend Alex Roy and Jalopnik editor Patrick George. New episodes come out weekly. 

Podcast highlight: Does Harley Davidson suck?

Driving While Awesome

In this car podcast, four long-time friends out of California come together to talk about inexpensive sports cars and eclectic, quirky cars. Get ready for a ton of throwbacks to totally awesome 80s and 90s cars. 

Podcast highlight: Traveling At the Speed of Love

Car Talk

One of the most well-known car podcasts is NPR’s Car Talk. The show is hosted by “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers,” Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who take calls from car owners and discuss everything from Subaru radiators to electric brakes. The brothers retired in 2012, but NPR continued to produce “best of” podcasts thanks to fresh edits and addition of new unheard content. 

Podcast highlight: A Series of Unforced Errors

The War on Cars

An interesting take on the car podcast, The War on Cars covers the “latest developments in the worldwide fight to undo a century’s worth of damage wrought by the automobile.” They take on some social/political car-related issues such as when aging parents/grandparents should stop driving and how cars are becoming the new affordable housing option in overcrowded, overpriced cities. 

Podcast highlight: Your car is your castle 

CarCast is a car podcast


CarCast comes out with new episodes on Wednesdays and Fridays, and hosts include Adam Carolla, Bill Goldbert and Matt D’Andria. No car topic is untouched - aftermarket parts, the future of the auto industry and car-related advice.   

Podcast highlight: Tesla vs BMW 3 Series with Alistair Weaver

The Collecting Cars Podcast

Collecting Cars is a European online car auction platform. They started a weekly podcast hosted by the founder Edward Lovett and Motoring’s Chris Harris. Each week they have a new guest, and they talk about all things cars - Formula One controversy, favorite car magazines, the new Toyota Supra and more. 

Podcast highlight: Chris Harris talks cars with Richard Porter

Curbside Classic Car Podcast

If classic cars are your thing, this podcast is for you. The Curbside Classic Car podcast not only chats up classic cars but also great automotive destinations, like the Mustang Owners Museum.

Podcast highlight: Tri-Five Chevrolet - The History, The Story

The Smoking Tire

Hosts Matt Farah and Zack Klapman talk to pro drivers, auto experts and comedians in their weekly podcast. In addition to car reviews and test drives, they cover car news and the racing industry. Find them on YouTube for more car reviews and pretty funny outtakes. 

Podcast highlight: Elana Scherr and the C8 Corvette

Car podcast Gears and Beers

Gears and Beers

The name of this weekly Australian car podcast says it all. The Aussie hosts are “unashamedly unprofessional” about all things cars and car culture - oh yeah, and beer. Listen to them crack a beer while they review cars, car parts and more. 

Podcast highlight: Beyond Kardashian

Talking Cars

This car podcast is exactly what you would expect from Consumer Reports. Auto experts take to the Consumer Reports Test Track to discuss car performance and auto industry news, plus answer listener questions.

Podcast highlight: Rising car battery prices; stressful car buying situations; replacement parts

B Squad Hotrod

All things car restoration is the focus of the B Squad Hotrod podcast. Hosted by four self-proclaimed amateurs, these four friends take on all aspects of restoring and repairing real cars. They talk about their own hotrod projects and hope to share their fortunes and missteps with others. 

Podcast highlight: Mustang II Steering Mod

Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast 

If you’re a Tesla owner or just a fan of the electric vehicle company, this weekly podcast is for you. Ride the Lightning gives you the latest news and analysis on the Tesla company, including earnings updates.

Podcast highlight: The LEGO Cybertruck Lives

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