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A Guide to Stress-Free Financial Planning

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Brent Campbell
November 1, 2017

As consumers feel the squeeze in challenging economic times, one of the best tools at your disposal is a financial app that can help reduce expenses and manage funds. Many people find it’s a struggle to gain traction or even to maintain the status quo. This is why apps offer market comparisons, bill reminders, and money-saving tips. Regardless of your financial status, financial apps can help you save, maximize resources and squeeze more out of your finances.

Expense Tracking

You may not realize how much money you spend on a daily basis. Small expenses can add up to a lot over time. Apps can remind you how much you are spending and whether you are spending beyond your means. Funds-tracking apps can handle any type of spending situation in addition to daily spending; they can help you keep tabs on your spending habits while traveling, for example, or can be configured to track budgeting for a business enterprise.


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Stay on Budget

Sticking to a budget can be difficult, especially in an age of high living costs. Financial apps not only keep track of spending but can map financial specifics, such as the ratio of how much you can spend based on your income. Finance apps can also indicate areas that you may have ignored in the past but are ripe for savings. The technology of finance tracking not only helps you monitor your overall financial picture but can provide savings tips in many areas of your life, including credit cards, bank accounts, entertainment bundles, insurance and so much more.

Expense Comparison

When dealing with expenses, such as offers and deals, it can be difficult to find the best one on the market. When it comes to choosing an entertainment bundle provider, for instance, you can easily fall into the trap of accepting an enticing offer only to see your bill hiked in the future. Savings apps cut through the sales pitches and let you determine the best deals by showing side-by-side comparisons. Cable/satellite bills, for one, can be a big drain on your wallet, but a suitable app, such as Squeeze, can help you compare offers in your area to see which carrier provides the best bundle deal. You may even discover that eliminating cable altogether is the best possible solution. If so, Squeeze can help you find streaming alternatives that are more cost-effective. You can utilize the same bill comparison metrics and apply them to smartphone data plans, internet service and a wide range of other markets.


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Bill Reminders

The timely paying of bills is one of the most important areas where a finance app can help; missing a bill payment can have severe consequences on your credit score. Paying bills can be a chore within itself, especially if you juggle multiple bills each month. With an app, you can upload all of your big and small bill obligations into the database and never miss a single payment. Funds-tracking apps not only allow you to set up a calendar but show other pertinent information, such as the amount owed and the minimum balance due on the account.