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9 Podcasts that Will Make Your Money Grow in 2020

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Tobi Abdulgafar
April 9, 2020

Podcasts are fantastic. You can listen to them while you work out, on your drive into the office or while you’re cleaning the house. There is a podcast on every topic under the sun, and they come in all shapes in sizes. Hour-long, five-minute bites, half-hour shows. Funny, educational, serious, racy. 

It’s always a good idea to know where you stand financially, and it’s even better to plan and set financial goals for the future. Podcasts are a great tool to achieve both of those things. Whether your goal is to build an emergency fund or start a side hustle, there’s a podcast for it. 

Access to podcasts is easier than ever as well. Most podcasts are available on their own website, and several streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora and Stitcher offer them as well. 

Top podcast picks

Here’s a roundup of our favorite money podcasts:

  1. ChooseFI
  2. The Dave Ramsey Show
  3. The Minimalists Podcasts
  4. The Side Hustle Show
  5. Girlboss
  6. Life Kit
  7. Radical Personal Finance
  8. Slate Money
  9. Couple Money Podcast

ChooseFI | Financial Independence

No financial topic is too small for hosts Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett to cover on their podcast ChooseFi. They tackle big financial moves like debt consolidation and buying annuities. But they also cover smaller financial actions like crushing your grocery bill to setting up a budget. 

Podcast highlight: Grocery Store Wars 

The Dave Ramsey Show

The name Dave Ramsey is practically a household name, at least when it comes to finances. Dave takes questions from his listeners and gives advice on every subject from debt and insurance to retirement and investing. 

Podcast highlight: Real Millionaires and How They Did It 

The Minimalists Podcast hosts Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus .
The Minimalists Podcast hosts Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus 

The Minimalists Podcast

While The Minimalists Podcast isn’t specifically about money or personal finance, it discusses all parts of life and how we can take a more minimalist approach. Known as The Minimalists, hosts Joshua and Ryan discuss healthy eating choices, cell phone use and personal and professional values. 

Podcast highlight: Episode #180, Stopped Buying 

The Side Hustle Show

The Side Hustle Show is a podcast is for people who want to create multiple streams of revenue via a side job. Host Nick Loper offers new tips for starting and running your own side business in every episode.  

Podcast highlight: Episode #251, When a Side Hustle Fails

Girlboss Radio

Founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso is the brain behind Girlboss as well as co-host of the podcast Girlboss Radio along with Neha Gandhi. In each podcast, you hear from women who are taking on their personal and professional lives hands on and head first.  

Podcast highlight: Turning a Social Media Brand Into a Business

Life Kit

One of the more popular money-related podcasts is NPR’s Planet Money. But NPR just released Life Kit, an audio series that acts as a “guide” to managing all aspects of life from finances to health and parenting. Each podcast carries the well-established and easy-to-listen-to format NPR is known for.  

Podcast highlight: Survive College When You’re Paying Your Own Way

Radical Personal Finance

Host Joshua Sheets has a simple mission with his Radical Personal Finance podcast: to teach people how to gain financial freedom. He has more educational credentials than you can imagine - CAP, CLU, MSFS, ChFC, RHU, REBC - yet his advice is easy to understand.

Podcast highlight: Episode #554, How to Maintain Financial Peace in the Midst of Turmoil

Slate Money

The Slate Money podcast highlights the biggest business and finance stories from the week. From the latest on YouTube’s policies to the Federal Reserve happenings, host Felix Salmon gives you the big financial picture. 

Podcast highlight: Americans Aren’t Buying American Cars Anymore

Couple Money Podcast

If you have a significant other, legally or otherwise, this podcast is for you. Couple Money Podcast is all about building your marriage and your wealth at the same time. 

Podcast highlight: How to Break the Mindless Spending Twitch