Major telecom companies offer many different types of mobile plans, so comparing cell phone pricing can be confusing when it comes time to renew your contract or bail. With each company offering unique savings benefits, the best plan for other families may not be the best for yours. Here are a few pointers for choosing the best smartphone family plan.


Unlimited Plans


Tmobile logo

T-Mobile offers the best-unlimited data plan for families, especially those that use a lot of data. For an unlimited plan, a family of four would pay $280 per month, but it might only have to pay $220 per month after promotional offers.


Sprint logo

Sprint will waive its $20 per month access fee if you choose an unlimited option. In total, you would pay $150.


Standard Plans

Sprint’s basic plan starts with a family of four paying $60 per month for 12 GB of data, but the $20 per month access fee mentioned above is not waived.

With T-Mobile, the standard mobile family plan includes 10 GB of data for $220, but your monthly bill could fall to as much as $140 per month when promotional offers and deals take effect.

You’ll get 8GB for $70 per month with Verizon’s standard plan, but you must also factor in $20 for each line, which adds a lot to your bill if you have a large family.


ATT logo

AT&T offers the same $160 rate as Verizon, but it comes with 15 GB and costs $15 per line. When it comes to standard plans, however, T-Mobile still surpasses the competition in terms of pricing and offers.



The Verdict
Despite promotional offers from other carriers, T-Mobile is ultimately your best option for the best smartphone family plan. It offers the best post-paid family plan compared to the competition, zero access fees, and a cheaper total price and options, such as unlimited data. T-Mobile users can even participate in a customer reward program like Jump!, which allows families to upgrade their phone at any time.