What's better than finding a good deal in a store?

Answer: Saving even more money at Target. And if you master these tips, you may even be able to double it.

Who better than Squeeze, your financial concierge, to tell you how?


All it takes to maximize your Target spending dollars is a bit of knowledge coupled planning. Here’s how to stretch your dollars to the max.


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1. Coupon like crazy

There are a few ways to collect coupons for Target and you can take advantage of them all.

Download Target’s Cartwheel app and put the coupons you want on your list. Present the barcode to the cashier via your phone and receive the assigned discount–5 to 50 percent off on ten items per transaction. New offers come out every Sunday in bulk, but others pop up randomly. Check Target.com for coupons before you head to the store. These can be used with Cartwheel discounts and manufacturer coupons … Stack ‘em!

Sign up for Target’s mobile coupons and more savings will send to your phone each month.

Don’t forget Manufacturer Coupons from Couponmom.com. Their coupons match Target’s sale items, so the work is done for you.


2. Shop at end cap and dollar sections

Some of the best deals are found on the end cap sections facing the walls. Similarly, always check the dollar section near the store’s entrance. This area can be hit or miss, but it can offer party, organizational, and office supplies.


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3. Take advantage of post-holiday and post-seasonal sales.

If you’re one of those people who plan ahead, you can score huge savings on items for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Back-To-School, Halloween, and Christmas. Not only are these items cut by 50 percent right after the holiday/season, but the discounts increase week by week.


4. Consider the REDcard

While it’s tempting to say ‘no thanks’ to offers for specific store cards, this one offers benefits like an additional 5 percent off every purchase, free shipping via Target.com, and 30 extra days for returns.


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5. Know which days have sales on specific products

There are approximately 1,800 Targets and most adhere to sale schedules.

Monday: Electronics, accessories, kids’ clothes, books, baby clothes, stationery

Tuesday: Home goods, women’s clothes, pet items, food

Wednesday: Men’s clothes, health and beauty items, diapers, lawn and garden supplies, furniture

Thursday: Lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, décor, and luggage

Friday: Automobile needs, make-up, hardware, jewelry


6. Catch a daily deal

If you make checking Target.com a daily habit, at some point, you’re going to find that item you really need at a discount. Why? Every morning Target lists about five deeply discounted items available for 24 hours with free shipping.


7. Check the bottom of your receipt

Hold onto your receipt for potential returns, and look at the bottom for more coupons.


8. Bring your own shopping bags

Here’s a quick way to help the environment and save a bit in the process. Every time you shop at Target with reusable bags, you save 5 cents for each one. Sounds minuscule but many people can make a lot of difference.

9. Know Target’s price-match guarantee

Bring in proof that another company sells the product you want for less and Target will match it. Even a link to that product on amazon.com or another retailer will suffice. Head over to Guest Services, and your product price will be adjusted before you check out.


10. Become a master of the clearance sticker codes

Here’s how clearance works at Target. Items gradually get marked down 15 percent, then to 30–50 percent, and finally to 70 percent off the original price. To find out where in the markdown cycle your product is, check the upper right-hand corner of the price tag. That number indicates the current percentage off right now. 

Target makes it easy to save lots of money if you take advantage of their amazing deals and additional discounts offered in-store and online. And after you get the gist of these 10 easy tips,  you can stretch your dollar to the max.