Everyone who researches on the Internet, which nowadays is pretty much EVERYONE over the age of six, faces the same challenge. And while there’s no shortage of information available on everything, it’s sometimes hard to find exactly what you’re looking for and to evaluate the quality of the information you find as either credible, biased, or pure hoax.

Squeeze understands and, as your personal financial concierge, we assembled the following list of niche financial blogs catered to your specific interests.


1-2-3 Flip logo

1-2-3 Flip

As you may have guessed from this name of this blog, 1-2-3 Flip focuses on the first-hand experiences of house flippers: folks who invest in real estate properties, fix them up, and then re-sell them, hoping for a nice profit. Here you’ll find all the gory details--from the trenches, including financials, success stories, and some cautionary tales, so other flippers can avoid costly mistakes. Recently this blog author and his wife began expanding their business and, in turn, expanded their blog to more areas of real estate.


Cash Cow Couple

Many young couples are faced with special challenges: new careers, debt from loans, a new tax bracket, and the desire to eventually purchase a home and/or start a family. Cash Cow Couple is co-authored by a recently married husband-and-wife duo that knows a lot about managing money. They share their own incredible success story, as well as other kinds of encouraging information and tips.


The Finance Girl

What happens when you not only have massive student debt as a result of law school but then decide you don’t even want to be a lawyer? Natalie Bacon knows, and in her engaging, real, and hilarious blogs teach readers how to make and manage their money doing something they truly love ... She is now a fulfilled financial planner and blogger, and also a big believer of living with intention. Natalie’s blogs are all about encouraging self-awareness and, in turn, creating success and happiness.


Millennial Money Man logo

Millennial Money Man

If graduating from college $40,000 in debt, and then paying it all off in two years on a teacher’s salary sounds impossible, you haven’t met the Millennial Money Man. After consulting with friends and other experts, and practicing tremendous self-discipline and other self-help strategies, this author started blogging with the mantra 'I did it, and you can too.' Be inspired and entertained by Millennial Money Man's stories.


Modest Money

A key source for bloggers and investors, you’ll find lots of information about investing here. But under the 'blog' tab you’ll also find a list of the most popular blogs on financial topics culled from around the Internet. Most of us know where to find top movies and best-selling books each week, but popular financial blogs? It’s here and it gets updated every Sunday.


Money After Graduation logo

Money After Graduation

This site is a resource for 20-somethings looking to start their adult years with clear financial goals and strategies that work. The blog, in particular, explains things like how to build a budget, how to transform your finances, what to read, and how to protect yourself from fraud. Readable and relevant for Millennials.


Money Under 30

This site is organized to help young adults find information and blogs in the areas of Credit, Investing, Debt Payoff, Home Buying, and Car Buying. Whether the reader is struggling to pay for rent and groceries each month, or is relatively successful but doesn’t know how to prioritize saving, spending, and investing, there’s plenty of smart and entertaining content here.


Planting Money Seeds logo

Planting Money Seeds

The author of this blog tells you right from the get-go that she doesn’t write about pinching pennies; she writes about growing wealth. Her blogs range on subjects from how to invest (the basics) to how to earn money from home. She helps readers determine their priorities, spend according to their values, and put their money to work for them


The Reformed Broker

One of the most popular financial sites written by an NYC-based financial adviser who’s also CEO of a Wealth Management company, read The Reformed Broker and be informed and entertained about markets, politics, economics, media, culture, and finance. This is not a blog that tells you what to invest in, but it does provide market-related insights and points readers toward interesting content from around the Internet.  Its most popular blogs are listed on the home page and updated regularly.


Retire by 40 logo

Retire by 40

The author here really did retire from his corporate job by age 40, and though he is a full-time stay-at-home dad and blogger (and has a working wife); still he manages to live well, and save over $50,000 every year. How does he do it? Find out by clicking on his link. He even tells you where to begin reading his library of blogs.