You may not have many options when it comes to television or internet needs, but at least you can choose between satellite and cable. Satellite and cable companies offer similar TV and internet plans, but there are some major differences, depending on your budget and preferences. For example, satellite TV plans offer more international channels, so they’re ideal for those who’ve moved to the United States from another country and intend to entertain relatives from time to time. Regardless of your decision, both mediums offer varying ways to save money.



The satellite industry has improved signal strength throughout the years, so a typical disruption shouldn’t last long, but cable should be your first choice if you live in an area that has tall buildings or heavy forestation. Signals are blocked when trees are dense with newly grown leaves during spring and summer months. Disruptive weather of any kind can have the same effect, so cable is an ideal choice if you live in a region known for excessive rain or snowstorms. Cable is not exempt from blackouts, however. Harsh weather and infrastructure prevent signals at times. Also, residents of newer communities or rural areas may not have cable access.


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Cable is the better option for bundling, but on its own, satellite surpasses cable when it comes to budgets. In many cases, a basic satellite TV plan costs less than a premium plan in the cable world, so satellite is a better option if you’re looking to get more from your money. It may also work to your advantage to get a basic satellite package for TV needs and a cable internet plan to reduce your monthly bill.



Cable is your best option if you’re in need of higher internet speed. On average, satellite internet plans offer less data than cable companies. This may be okay for casual internet users, but it would force you into the poorhouse if you stream movies and television shows on a regular basis. Cable companies also tend to offer unlimited data, but more companies are capping data and forcing customers to pay extra.

Satellite vs. Cable: The Verdict

The cable-satellite monopoly continues its stranglehold, but cable is currently the lesser of two evils due to its reliability, higher internet speed, and increased data.