Saving is easier said than done. That being said, let’s go over a few reminders on how we can start saving today.

Sales are not always your friend

Although you can get good deals from these sales, chances are you didn’t need it. All these sales being thrown at your face is their way to separate you from your money. When you spot those sales from afar, it’s best to run the other way.

Don’t overbuy

Resist the temptation! Buying more than what you need will bite you back (in your wallet). It’s best to stick to a shopping list while you go about your errands for the day. 

Use those coupons!

target carts

On your regular shopping, you’ll want to see if you can apply any coupons to your purchase(s).

Print a card

Printing a card from the internet or even making a card using standard printer paper saves you the trip to the store as well as the $2 that will be thrown away after being read. You don’t need to go all out when making the card, it can be as easy as putting an inside joke and wishing them a great day.


Keep reminding yourself

We all need some sort of reminder to ourselves as a form of a pep talk to keep us going.