Mother’s Day, that special holiday that sends many adults, along with children scrambling to find something meaningful to give their mother whether they have the money or not. If you’re not living in the same city as your beloved mom, or you think you’re a little too old to give her something “handmade,” check out these thirteen gifts that will make her smile.

1. Homemade body scrub

Who would not fall in love with a body scrub made from scratch? I'll wait… oh, right - no one! It is a perfect gift to give to your beloved mother and it only takes 4 ingredients to create. All you need is 1 cup cane sugar, 1 cup freeze-dried strawberries, 3/4 cup organic virgin coconut oil, and 1 tbsp vanilla extract. I forgot to mention, this will all cost you less than $20!
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2. Mom's favorite dish

Going out for dinner on Mother's Day will most likely consist of long restaurant waits, unpleasant waiters that want to be home with their wives or mothers, and a hefty bill! Have you thought about jumping online, looking for her favorite homemade dish, running to the store to pick up the ingredients along with a bottle of wine (if she is a wine-lover!) and cooking for her as she relaxes on her special day? It will be much less expensive than hitting up the towns favorite restaurant. 

dad mom and son cooking together

3. Stationery

A card that is personalized with your handwriting describing how amazing of a person she is, along with how grateful you are to call her your mother or mother of your children with an "I love you" right above your signed name would melt her in two. There is so much meaning behind the thought of the card rather than a tangible gift that can cost tons. 

4. Texture app

If your mom loves magazines and has a ton of subscriptions, consider consolidating them for her into one subscription to the Texture app. Texture is a great innovation that would allow your mom to get a wide variety of magazines sent to her phone or tablet for about $9.99 a month. At the very least it’ll save her some clutter around the house and also make her feel a little more modern. (Every mom loves to feel modern and young!)

5. Electronics

A Google Home or an Alexa could really make someone's day! it is great for listening to music, asking Google or Alexa what the next ingredient on the receipt is or even to set a morning alarm - both costing under $40!

If that's not an option, we all know moms are always on the go - so a portable charger is always a great gift to keep in mind. Even though they may not be, they love to claim that they are tech savvy.. let's let them continue thinking that!

6. Edible Arrangements

If you want to do something just a little different, hit up Edible Arrangements! We could try a million times to shape fruits and put them on kabob sticks but let's face it, we wouldn't be able to one-up them. Their decorative touch is out of this world, and delicious - of course. 

7. Personalized jewelry

There’s plenty of beautiful pieces of costume jewelry available that won’t break the bank, and you can make it really special if you try to personalize it, as well. You can use her initials, a photo of yourself in a locket or even her birthstone if you can swing it. Adding just a little bit of sentiment to a gift that isn’t that expensive will make it worth much more in her eyes.

women engraving personalized jewelry

8. Massage pillow 

Mother's need a rest, a massage pillow for her alone time at night might do the trick to release some stress. The pillow applies vibrations, heat, and simulated kneading to give a strained neck and shoulder muscles a break.