Mother’s Day, that special holiday that sends many adult children scrambling to find something meaningful to give their mother whether they have the money or not. If you’re not living in the same city as your beloved mom, or you think you’re a little too old to give her something “handmade,” check out these thirteen gifts that will make her smile.

1. Feel Good Spa Products

We all have to shower, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a chore. If you’re short on cash, pick up some fancy shampoo from The Honest Company or a store like Lush. At most you’ll drop about $30-$40 on something that’ll make your mom feel like a princess every time she wakes up.

2. Cook With Mom

If you and your mom have some similar interests, this could be a great way to hang out and do something unique and fun. A great way to do this from home is to order HelloFresh and let the food come to you!

3. Stationery

If she’s not into jewelry, there are usually plenty of personalized card sets that will make her feel special instead of a necklace or bracelet. 

4. Texture App

If your mom loves magazines and has a ton of subscriptions, consider consolidating them for her into one subscription to the Texture app. is a great innovation that would allow your mom to get a wide variety of magazines sent to her phone or tablet for about $15 a month. At the very least it’ll save her some clutter around the house and also make her feel a little more modern.

5. Electronics

If she likes music, you could get her a Bluetooth speaker. Sonos makes several that are easy-to-use, but they’re not always the cheapest, so shop around. If she’s into exercise, FitBits start as low as $60 and are hugely popular fitness trackers.

6. Edible Arrangements

If you want to do something just a little different, hit up Edible Arrangements!

7. Personalized Jewelry

There’s plenty of cute costume jewelry available that won’t break the bank, and you can make it really special if you try to personalize it, as well. You can use her initials, a photo of yourself in a locket or even her birthstone if you can swing it. Adding just a little bit of sentiment to a gift that isn’t that expensive will make it worth much more in her eyes.
Any other affordable ideas for Mother’s Day you want to share?