‘Tis The Season!

Today I’ve put together a brief list of helpful tips for this 2017 tax season. It’s that time of year again, where we all have to play the role of a responsible adult–at least for Uncle Sam. We may also discover if we’ve earned a refund, or if we owe anything to the government, so it’s no mystery why we all want to receive the most accurate advice.

Taxes do not have to be stressful … With so many great services online doing your taxes is a lot simpler than you’d think. Here are a few helpful tips for this tax season. 

TurboTax logo

Reading over TurboTax’s website I found some cool key points. Alongside their dedication to security, they also claim to get you the maximum amount possible on your tax refund. TurboTax also emphasizes double-checking your tax returns, as you go through the process. Another interesting feature is that after filing your taxes, TurboTax offers a tracking service to give your refund an estimated time arrival. Thus, TurboTax’s service doesn’t stop after filing; they stay right with you until you receive your refund.


TaxSlayer logo

TaxSlayer is not only convenient but they offer $0 out of pocket fees, which is great for anyone who can not afford the charge upfront. How they make this work is by deducting the fees from your tax refund. Although I am not a big fan of TaxSlayer’s website layout the program can be downloaded on any device. With dedicated features such as security and accuracy, its no wonder that they have a loyal fan base.


H&R Block logo

Lastly is my personal favorite … H&R Block also offers $0 out of pocket fees and has offices located in the US, so their service could work for almost anyone. Their website is easy to understand, and makes filing a breeze, especially for tax newbies. They offer a step-by-step guide and a support center providing answers based on various tax topics and issues. Another cool feature about H&R Block is their Refund Reveal, which explains any changes in your refund. This means you are always in the know during tax season.


Squeeze hopes these tips help you during tax season.