Consider Coke vs. Pepsi, Android vs. iPhone, Lakers vs. Celtics … So much about choosing one competitor over another in any marketplace depends on your personal preferences.

The same is true about the two major competitors and providers in the Satellite TV industry.  Both DISH and DIRECTV offer tremendous program variety (live tv and On-Demand), are priced competitively (start-up and monthly costs), and are found nationwide, (though some areas may restrict your choice by offering one over another).
To help you sort through the options, Squeeze, your personal finance concierge, suggests you consider the following:

Advantages: DISH TV

- DISH’s digital video recorder The Hopper has twice the capacity of DIRECTV’s Genie, so if you want to record and save a ton, DISH may be for you.

- The Hopper boasts several special features that may or may not be important to you, like Bluetooth integration for headphones/speakers and voice control capabilities.

- The Hopper records up to six programs at once.

- There is a helpful remote-control locator as part of this system.

- There are twice as many On-Demand titles integrated along with Live TV, Netflix, and whatever you record on The Hopper.

- You can watch content wherever you want with an Internet connection via

- The Hopper remote is universal and can control up to three devices.

- A three-year price lock option is a bonus.


satellite in the sky

Advantages: DIRECTV

- Got a football fan in your household? Then DIRECTV is likely a no-brainer. This service provider offers an exclusive package called the NFL Sunday Ticket that provides access to every game.

DIRECTV’s DVR The Genie also features options like a split-screen mode, picture-in-picture, and a pause-and-rewind feature for self-created instant replays, all great for all sports viewing.

- You can also watch college football and basketball, and purchase add-ons for NBA, Soccer, and MLB packages.

- For non-sports folks, there’s a wide variety of packages for every taste and budget. A premier package includes HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax.

- You’ll find the most HD offerings with DIRECTV including, Disney Channel and ABC Family HD.

- The DIRECTV app allows for streaming or On-Demand viewing, as long as you have an Internet connection.

- The Genie can record up to five shows simultaneously and can be set to record every show in a series, and programs up to two weeks in advance.

- Your family can also watch shows at the same time from as many as five different rooms, without setting up separate boxes in each. You can also pause a show in one room and pick it up in another ... if the kids invade the den and you want to watch the rest of the game from your office.


Deciding which provider to go with depends on what kind of television viewing or recording experience is best for you and your family. Special deals offered throughout the year, local availability, and viewing preferences ultimately will be your TV guide.

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