Clothing can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you know where to shop. Here are four ideas to help you avoid putting the squeeze on your wallet.


man paying for online shopping with credit card

Online Stores

Online shopping great because there are so many places at your disposal. Notable websites include ASOS,, and Bella Ella Boutique. Many of these sites offer discounts and special promotions that enable you to save money on quality clothing.

Bargain Bins and Outlets

Bargain bins may seem like a place reserved for the least-fashionable items, but you’d be surprised how many quality pieces of clothing end up on the discount rack. Overstocked retailers often send the latest trends to outlet stores. For example, clothing stores such as Ross offer men and women’s clothing at great prices, and many of these clothing items are of the same quality you would find in the most expensive malls.


three women shopping at the mall

Mall Stores

Stores at the mall may seem like the last place to look when shopping for clothes on a budget, but you can find great deals. Expensive retailers tend to offer steep discounts and promotional offers because the retail industry knows that more people are shopping online. Before you go to the mall, check the website of your favorite retailers to see if they’re offering online or in-store deals. You may also want to consider opening a store account. Many retailers offer stellar deals and discounts if you have an account with them.  

Small Stores

Boutiques are more likely to offer promotions and better prices to compete with online stores and larger businesses. Look for new brands or retailers that may have set up shop in your local area. Your local downtown can be a prime hub for retail stores that cater to youth culture and inexpensive fashion.