Choosing a cell phone plan is now much harder than ever because we have to ask ourselves, “which one is the most economical with the most reliable?” The million-dollar question right there. All four major carriers have all revamped their plans with a focus on unlimited data. But just because unlimited is hot now doesn't mean it's right for you. Here's how you can make the most of your cell phone plan.

1.  Are you using all the data you’re paying for?

It is easy to see exactly how much data you are using every month by signing into your account. Most of us have unlimited because that’s what all companies advertise now to attract new customers along with enticing existing customers to stay. Are we really using an “unlimited” amount of data? There is WIFI everywhere that we can connect to, whether it be at the mall, work or home. Some may only use 5 gigabytes a month and others are using 25 gigabytes but where do you fall? You can shave off $10-$20 a month by paying for the amount that you actually use rather than unlimited.

AT&T and Verizon no longer charge for exceeding your data amount for the month, the data will slow down quite a bit until your billing cycle starts over.

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2. What provider works in your area?

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are known to have the best nationwide networks, but one may have more coverage in your area than another, so it is always a great idea to check each provider’s coverage map to compare.

 3. Check Latest Promotions

There are brand loyal customers, but when it comes to saving a lot of money we tend to change from our preferred providers to their competitors.

AT&T is now offering an Unlimited Choice Enhanced mobile plan starting at $40/month per line for four lines not including taxes and fees. Any additional line will only cost $30 more a month. A single line starts at $65/month for the Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan, AT&T requires that you enroll in AutoPay and paperless billing to get that price.

Along with saving on your mobile plan, they also offer savings on entertainment including DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW for only an additional $15/month.

Verizon is offering the same promotion as AT&T, their Go Unlimited plan is priced at $40/month for four lines when you enroll in AutoPay. One feature that Verizon offers at that price is an unlimited mobile hotspot which is already included in the price. A single line is much pricier, it is at $75 plus taxes and fees.

T-Mobile has the best pricing. They have beaten all other providers, $40/month with taxes and fees already included in that price for four lines. Another plus side to T-Mobile is that they will include Netflix with 2+ qualifying lines for free. They one-up other competitors by offering 50GB of high-speed 4G LTE before the data starts to slow down, unlike the 22GB that is offered by the other major carriers.

Sprint is a little more than its competitors, they price four lines at $60/month for their unlimited package and it does not include taxes and fees. They also charge more for mobile hotspot while others are including it into their plans. But, one thing they are winning at is their offering of $15/month for just one line.

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4.  Discounts are everybody’s best friend

Discounts are always available, you just need to ask. There are federal, state, military, teacher, student, and company employee discounts for most mobile carriers. These discounts can reduce the price of your plan anywhere from 15% to 20% a month, it turns into a good chunk of money. The discounts are readily available for all customers, take advantage!

Making up your mind between carriers is a little challenging because their prices fluctuate quite a bit so pick wisely. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of any contract you decide to get into. Overall, choosing a cell phone plan that fits your budget is difficult but follow these 4 ways to save and you’ll run into one that suits you. Find the best mobile price below.