World exploration expands your understanding of the world, introduces new peoples and cultures, and adds valuable dimensions to the development of future careers in terms of risk-taking, confidence, and achieving goals. Millennials that travel have a different mindset in their daily lives.

Benefits of Traveling

Ask yourself this question: what is more likely to impress a potential CEO: Your experience traveling to an unknown country by yourself, learning a new language, teaching students to read and speak English, traveling within the region on your time off, while also paying off your student loans … or delivering pizzas, watching TV, and helping around the house on weekends?

Without any further ado, here are some arguments for traveling now to build the life you want for tomorrow--while you still have the strength, stamina, and enthusiasm of youth.

young man traveling in a different country

Traveling makes you a citizen of the world

... What does this mean? There are many ways of interpreting this concept, so let’s sort it out. One understanding is that by meeting people from around the world who speak different languages and hold different beliefs, you are invited into the lives of other communities to discover what feelings and thoughts you share. You may even find a marked admiration expressed for your own intelligence and presence abroad that surprises you. Strangers can be the kindest folk and turn out to be more like family ... than family. The more you travel, the more you find what you share with the world, and feel a part of it.

Youthful independence cultivates maturity

A natural result of travel is that it creates a more independent frame of mind; you learn to deal with problems, not to sweat the small stuff, and enjoy your day more when things work out. The independence you earn from your parents and friends frees you up to explore other relationships and take on challenges. You will feel more like your own boss setting your itinerary from day to day while figuring out how to achieve your goals at home and away.

Learn to handle money

Exchange currencies, calculate in your head and bargain for the best deals and savings. Traveling abroad makes you aware of how currency changes can create temporary dilemmas. How much is 25,000 BAHT in American dollars or how much am I going to lose against the British Pound if I buy this handbag? Can I get a better deal on the Greek tapestries if I buy two? Frankly, there is something refreshing and challenging about the ins and outs of monetary exchange systems worldwide, and you may never look at money in the same way again. These exchange rates form the basis of profitable overseas businesses (imports/exports), and many young entrepreneurs seize upon these opportunities in places like Thailand, Bali, and Kenya.

Youth is lighter

After a certain point (in their 30’s), people are less likely to take risks. It’s a fact of life: our metabolism slows down, responsibilities pile up, people start families, or they may go deep into debt and feel stuck. Traveling while you are young allows you to do what only the young at heart can do—throw caution to the wind and try something new. Perhaps it’s as something as simple as Airbnb in NYC, or staying in a youth hostel in San Francisco, or backpacking in Ireland … It’s the style of travel when young that makes it easy, as less baggage—literally-- is carried along to your next destination ... And if or when you do settle down, you will have entertaining travel stories to regale your children with around the dinner table.

Travel keeps you young

There is nothing more invigorating than travel and the excitement of unknown beautiful vistas as you head toward a new destination. The very pace of travel—speeding trains, rocketing jets, ferries, subways, and taxis—presents the world to you anew at every turn. What was that crumbling tower that just flew by my Eurail window, and why the heck didn’t I have my camera (or cell phone) ready? Use of all 5 senses and alertness to your environment is required when traveling, which makes you appreciate everything about your newest destination even more than the last. Travel makes life new every day and it renews you as well ... Travel is youth itself!

Youth means better overall health and stamina for the next adventure

Kayaking, mountain climbing, camping out, backpacking, or exploring unusual seasonal jobs that require a higher level of fitness. When you get older, generally you don’t look forward to throwing on a backpack, so use your youthful stamina to build future strength and blaze new trails for others and yourself--now.

young friends traveling in a different country

Need inspiration for the road?

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