Your 16-year-old son just got his license, now that means an insane increase on your auto insurance! But wait, did you know that there are discounts you may qualify for? Even with a teenager on your policy.

 Let’s face it, insurance is a must so why not try to shave off a couple of dollars by talking to your auto insurance company and asking for one of the many discount options available.

 Below is a useful list of auto insurance discounts that are offered and how you can qualify for them. 

Types of auto insurance discounts

  1. Driver training course

    Calling all parents! Get a discounted rate when you register drivers on your policy that are under the age of 21 for a driving training course. As you may know, auto insurance is more expensive if you’re under the age of 25 but by taking this course and being careful on the road you can see the difference in your monthly payment.

  2. Defensive driving course

    Another course that is offered in exchange for a discount is a defensive driving course. It is a course available for anyone to take. Along with learning how to be a safe and defensive driver on the road, it could also reduce your monthly premium rate. Taking the course once every 1-2 years will secure the discount.

  3. Good driver discount

    Oh, Jake being a 16-year-old boy with a new car thinks he’s invincible, in his mind he knows exactly what to do on the road and considers himself a good driver. It takes years to build a creditable driving record and most insurance companies research to make sure there has been no recorded accidents or traffic violation to be eligible for the discount. It may take anywhere from 3-5 years to qualify as a good driver, each insurer is different so check with your auto insurance company.

  4. Reduced mileage discount

    Driving 10,000 miles per year is about average for a driver to drive going to and from work, running weekend errands and taking a short road trip. Staying under the 10k miles a year can put you in a discount bracket that can knock money off your premium.

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Groups and memberships

 It never hurts to question your eligibility for a discount. The answer is always no if you don’t ask!

  1. Military service

    There are many places that offer active military members and their families a discount. USAA will also insure military personnel and relatives; this company is the #1 for the military community.

  2. Elderly discount

    Drivers over the age of 50 that have passed a licensed mature driver safety course may be eligible for this discounts that some auto insurance companies offer.

  3. Student discount

    Students that have taken drivers education in high school and passing the drivers course are given a certificate that insurance companies use for student discounts. Also, students that are on a roll with their grades, receiving A’s and B’s can be eligible to receive a better rate.

  4. Personal and organizational discounts

    Many organizations, such as AARP or members of professions that work for the state (first responders or certified public accounts and nurses) can qualify for a discounted monthly premium.

Vehicle Perks

  • Multi-vehicle discount: One or more vehicles on a single policy can have you qualify for a multi-vehicle policy on your account.

  • Eco-friendly discount: Hybrid vehicles or eco-friendly vehicles may also call for a lower rate.

  • Safety vehicle features: Does your car have airbags? Running lights? Anti-lock brakes? Anti-theft devices? If the answer is yes to those, contact your auto insurance company. You might be eligible for discounts on your premium.


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Bundle products: Insurance companies now offer other products including renters, homeowners, and life insurance. Bundling your insurance policies can result in a better premium rate.

Company loyalty: Brand loyalty has his perks, renewing with the same insurance company can be to your advantage. Ask if they offer any discounts for loyal customers.

Prepayment discounts: Paying your entire policy in full at the beginning of the six months instead of monthly can get you a better deal.

Paperless: Choosing to be eco-friendly and receiving any form of communication from the insurance company via e-mail can save you money.

Auto-Pay: Enrolling in this option can give you peace of mind while also cut out a couple of dollars from your monthly insurance bill.

Call your insurer every 6 months to ask if you qualify for any new discounts and to save money on your monthly insurance premium. 

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