From “eat your vegetables” to “do your homework,” moms are famous for their sound advice.
They also know that “money that doesn’t go on trees.” And that’s what inspired the following ten, creative and articulate budget-savvy moms (and other women) to create their blogs. Read them regularly and you’ll get some of the best tips around.

Jessi Fearon - Real Life on a Budget

This blog, co-authored by a young husband and wife (who increased their net worth by more than $50,000 during their first year of marriage in addition to paying off their two student loans) teaches their readers how to make smart financial decisions with a partner, find a career they really enjoy, and lessen their financial hardships. Great, especially for twenty- and thirty-somethings.


Frugal Mama logo


Looking to simplify your life, raise happy kids, and save money (without sacrificing all the fun luxuries)? This blog is for you.  The mission here is to find fun in saving money while avoiding the chaos of the buying/purging cycle. Terrific ideas and links.

Living Well, Spending Less 

With a focus on “staying accountable” for your spending (and other aspects of your life), LWSL, launched in 2010, now has over one million monthly readers. Articles focus on subjects like getting more done in less time and saving money along the way.


Making Sense of Cents logo

Making Sense of Cents

In August of 2012, this blogger graduated from an MBA program and was $38,000 in debt. Today, she’s not only all paid off but earns over $70,000 per month online. Find out how and why she’s award-winning, all over the media, and so popular by clicking on her link, above.

Money-Saving Mom

You could say this author was raised to write her blog. Beginning at a very early age, she was responsible for her large family’s couponing, organizing, food shopping, menu planning, and cooking. Now grown up, married, and a mom herself, she knows how to get the best bang for her buck and has taken couponing and bargain hunting to a whole new level.


mother with her son in sling and smartphone

Money-Wise Mom

This blogger says she takes BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers so seriously, she had twins! Here’s a great resource for working and stay-at-home moms, replete with strategies for getting organized and saving lots of money. The goal? Unburdening parents with extra stress so they can spend time on what matters most: family.

The Minimalist Mom

As the title of this blog suggests, the information here is about simplifying and enhancing your life by cutting out the excess. Minimalism has given this author more time, money, and space by selling, donating, and dumping all of the extra stuff. You can do it, too.


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Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Like millions of other women, this blog’s author had a high-ranking corporate job until her oldest child was born and she decided she’d prefer to be a stay-at-home mom. How, though, would her family make ends meet? She developed “penny pinching” ideas that worked for her and now also work for her readers…and shares everything from a couponing database to “flash sales” via social media.



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Thrifty Frugal Mom

Four young children and a husband in graduate school? No wonder the author of this blog is thrifty and frugal. She has to be. She’s also extremely creative when it comes to time, money, couponing, cooking, organizing, and re-using what we have to maximize… well, everything. Everyone has a talent. Saving money and sharing how is hers.

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