Tremendous convenience–or tremendous frustration?

Booking your travel online can be both. You can do it all in the convenience of your home and on your schedule but where do you start? Some people will swear by one site for airfare and another for rental cars. Some sites are known for great hotel deals, while others offer affordable cruises and loyalty reward programs.

Searching around to compare costs and features might require a vacation in itself!

Squeeze, your personal concierge for finance, understands that spending your money wisely and managing your time efficiently are priorities for everyone.

6 popular travel websites

Turn to any of these websites or their apps for efficient travel planning. logo

As the name of this site suggests, is a source for all sorts of travel accommodations in major cities, but it’s more than that. Users can also get access to flights, rental cars, and activities, and will receive discounts on services booked together. Unlike most of the industry standard, there are no fees for canceling or modifying your plans, a nice perk for travelers on a budget. Their generous rewards program helps you earn free nights and there are lots of other great ways to save, including last-minute deals, coupons sent to frequent users via email, and a lowest-hotel price guarantee.


orbitz logo


Ever get to a hotel certain that you’re within your travel budget when you’re suddenly hit with unhappy surprises like parking costs, turn-down charges, or even a vague property fee? Ever had to reschedule a trip, and then get hit with a huge cancellation cost? Orbitz is best known for its pricing transparency and disclosure of terms. Good price points and an extremely user-friendly interface are key features. 

Cheap Tickets

Competitive pricing is a feature of Cheap Tickets, but you’ll also find tabs linking you to discounted tickets on events in or around your chosen destination … So if you’re looking for shows, museums, and exhibits as part of your travels, this site may be for you. Surprise deals at a theater or museum can make a one-or-two-day stopover an unexpected delight.


Priceline logo


Priceline offers an app that allows you to book everything via your cell phone hassle-free, along with a live chat feature to help you make decisions. This long-trusted site also encourages you to ‘Name Your Own Price’, which allows travelers on a budget to bid on a deal after entering their dates, destination, and their ideal price point. The deal you make with Priceline is that you don’t know specifically which hotel you’re staying in–unless you win the bid … And then you’re committed. No need to fret, however, as most hotels are from reputable chains.


You won’t find lists of activities here, but you will find great discounts for students, seniors, large groups, and the military. Helpful travel tools include a packing list and a money converter. And if you are looking for travel incentives after sharing the app, you may receive special discounts and will be entered into fun contests.


The prices on Travelocity may run higher than on other sites and apps, but it’s super easy to work through, and you can book everything in just a few clicks. It also offers features like ‘buy-now, pay-later’, and features hotels linked to Trip Advisor site reviews with credible information about hotels and B&B’s from customers. It offers top secret hotels and is ideal for long, complicated trips that involve many different parties and connections.

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man preparing to travel with passport and boarding pass

6 lesser-known travel sites

There are also many terrific niche apps to consider for their convenience and ability to save you time and money once you hit the road.


You’ve reached your big-city destination. Now, what’s the best way to get around? Look no further than Citymapper, your ultimate transit app. You’ll find transport information including subway, buses, ferries, and walking/biking paths, and more.

Squeeze-TripIt logo


For those who love to be organized on vacation, but aren’t naturally so, there’s Tripit. Download your flight, lodging, eating, and sight-seeing plans into this app, and it will instantly organize everything for you, day by day–with reminders. Travel points and destinations are stored for your reference so you don’t lose them.


You’re in a new place and know you’ll need Internet access during the day, but short of your hotel, you don’t know where to find it and don’t want to aimlessly wander the streets. This app will map WIFI spots for you, provide you with directions, as well as the kind of venue you’ll be looking for (coffee shop vs hotel lobby vs library).


Travel plans can–and often do–change at the last minute, and as a result, people cancel or change their hotel reservations. Hotels would rather sell these last-minute rooms at a discount than leave them empty. This app tells you where and when these great last-minute deals are available. 


Need to pick up some quick airport food in a jiff? Grab will tell you where you can find all types of refreshments in your terminal. Bonus feature: Order and pay electronically to save even more time from standing in lines.

Frequent travelers know that despite the best planning there are often flight cancellations, extended layovers, or even flights booked much later than a hotel’s latest checkout. This leaves some folks with no place to go except … the airport. Don’t want to sit around ATL, MIA, or JFK for twelve hours? connects people in need of accommodations for a few hours with rooms at a fraction of the cost of an overnight stay.

Because you probably don’t want to travel around the Internet in search of the best deals, you’ll find the above travel apps are easy to navigate and will assist you in making the most of your travel plans.

Bon, voyage!