Father’s Day is coming around the corner sooner rather than later, and if you’re like a lot of sons and daughters, you might not know exactly what to get your dad. But it’s your dad, and you want to do something to make him feel special. Here are a few ideas that will have you feeling better about what you have to offer this year.

dollar shave club kit

Complete shaving kit

A subscription to the Dollar Shave Club includes many different products for a small subscription fee of $5. Razor cartridges, shaving cream, and even other personal care products can be shipped right to his door. That means he’ll never forget to pick up any grooming essentials again. There is also add-ons to customize kits for any dude, this is a gift you know Dad will appreciate. 

Bluetooth speaker

These little guys are handy and easy to use. If your dad likes to listen to music, but he isn’t that tech-savvy, a Bluetooth speaker is a perfect present. You can go high-end with a Sonos or you can shop around for better deals/different styles. There’s something out there for everyone (and every price range).

Gift cards

Sure, they might seem depressingly impersonal, but if you have a father who’s hard to buy for, sometimes gift cards are a necessity. Hit up GiftCards.com and get him a gift card for his favorite store. It’ll be better for both of you in the long run.

Gift Basket

Believe it or not, gift baskets are available in a lot of different styles and price ranges, so this is actually a pretty decent idea. Wine Country Gift Baskets offers choices that start around $20 (they’re all sweets and baked goods, so keep that in mind if your dad is health-conscious).

Also, remember about Edible Arrangements. If your father would prefer a nicely decorated basket that has lots of delicious fruits, you gotta get one of these! 


Fitness trackers are only becoming more popular with each passing year. Because of that, you can find one of these sleek and chic accessories in all kinds of different colors, styles and price ranges. If by some miracle, your dad doesn’t already have one, grab one from Amazon — they start at $60.


If you’re so out of ideas you’re actually considering some Edible Arrangements for your FATHER, let us steer you in a different direction. Audiobooks are really, really tough to hate, and if you get him a subscription to an audiobook service like Audible.com, you don’t even have to risk him disliking the book you picked. It’s almost foolproof.

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father and son changing a tire

Help with a project

Sometimes the best gift to give is time. If your dad’s into home improvement, maybe there’s something you can help him within that arena. If he’s re-tiling his shower floor, hit up Tile.com and show him some choices he might like along with prices. Or you could just put on some overalls and help him lay it. Either way, he’ll appreciate your interest.

Subscription box

These little monthly gift boxes are literally the gifts that keep on giving. Depending on your dad’s interests, odds are there’s one out there for him. Bark Box is perfect if he’s into dogs or you could go with Birchbox Man if he’s more into his appearance than the average bear. You can find these guys starting around $10 a month, so get excited. You’re about to make your dad smile monthly. 


If your Pops likes to cook meat over a fire, then getting him a mini-grill will enable him to do it on the go. You can find petite charcoal grills that are easy and safe to travel with at Target or almost any other store that has a seasonal outdoor section. He’ll appreciate the fact that he can now tailgate with the best of them at the drop of a hat.

Ugg slippers

These are simple, shearling slippers that don’t look like anything other than the comfiest house shoes you’ll ever try. If your dad is someone who doesn’t like flashy accessories, anything too loud will be taboo. These slippers are subtle AND comfy.

Joke gift

If your dad has a sense of humor and knows you’re broke, by all means, go for his funny bone. If he mentioned he didn’t want any gift cards, get him a popcorn “bouquet” from The Popcorn Factory. Or maybe you guys have an inside joke that you can remind him of without spending a lot of money? Regardless, if you make him laugh, you’ve done a good job.


traveling items

Trendy travel stuff

If your dad is a traveler, make sure he doesn’t look like an old traveler. Hook him up with some luggage or a laptop bag that doesn’t look like it came with a “45 and up” tag. Nordstrom has great ideas in their menswear section if you’re looking for interesting carry-on bags, and they have a really dependable travel department for the rest of your needs. You can also give him great vacation savings hacks for his next adventure!

DIY memory book

This is an evolution of the old “just make him something” from your childhood. Think of a great memory you and your father share and find every picture you can of it. Put them into a PowerPoint slideshow and on Father’s Day, sit down and watch it together. This requires minimal technical skill and it will cost you absolutely nothing but time and some tissues. 

VR headset

If your dad is anything like the rest of the world, he knows virtual reality is the next big thing and he wants in. Picking up a VR headset will encourage him to check out this neat new technology, and it could even be something you could do together.

Old school board game

Give your dad a blast from the past by finding a new version of an old game he used to play with you or even when he was a kid. If you can find a vintage version of Monopoly or maybe even an old Nintendo set, it’ll make for some killer nostalgia, and it’s something you can enjoy later.

Insulated tumbler

Sports fan? Get your dad an insulated tumbler customized with his favorite sports team. Even if he's not a sports fan, a tumbler customized with his initials will be sure he's hydrated everywhere he goes.