Shopping, gaming, news updates, socializing ... There’s virtually nothing that can’t be done on your smartphone, and that includes investment.

Creating an investment portfolio doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, but do your research, check your sources, and keep tabs on developments in the field - before the bell rings at end of the day. As always, you can count on Squeeze, for helpful unbiased information.

We encourage you to consider the following financial apps: 

acorns logo 


Remember the advertisement for the 'set it and forget it' rotisserie chicken oven? That’s what Acorn is to investors. Here’s how it works: You link your credit or debit card to your account profile and BOOM ... Spare change from your card purchases is rounded up to the next dollar and invested. You choose, based on your risk tolerance, which of six different funds to invest in. Fee: From a dollar per month to .25 percent of your annual assets.



Betterment logo


Are you a visual person? Someone who quickly grasps charts, graphs, and spreadsheets? If so, Betterment may be for you. This app uses screenshots of reports to give you regular updates on your money’s performance. You create a simple online profile, and then let the app invest money for you via a combination of diversified stocks and bonds based on your age and interests. Fee: .15 to .35 of your annual balance.  

benzinga logo


Benzinga offers immediate, fresh information from stock quotes to breaking news, and it works across mobile devices, but here’s what else it does for you: shares tweets about finances and news articles, and offers a platform to interact on via your social networks. Push notifications and personalized watch lists may be created. Fees: Depends on service options--ranging from basic to complex. 


Investing is often compared to a game but with real-life stakes. So Kapitall, created in part by a video game entrepreneur, makes investing user-friendly and fun, and provides you with a practice portfolio, from which to learn ... Click, drag, and trade! Fee: $7.95.

Openfolio app logo

Openfolio: What if Facebook showed you how all of your contacts invest? Pretty cool, right? Openfolio lets its users know how other people in their network do just that (in percentages, dollar amounts are not displayed), and they may also share their own tips and strategies. Openfolio links to Twitter and Facebook. Fee: Free.

robinhood app logo 

Robinhood will not steal from you ...  Known for its commission-free trading and wide investment selection of 5,000 stocks and ETF's or exchange-traded funds, this appealing app is ideal for millennials or anyone else just beginning to invest. Fee: Free


sigfig app logo 

Track and manage your existing portfolios and control your future investments with SigFig. At any moment, users can obtain an up-to-date view of every stock, mutual fund, or trading option, or obtain advice and market news and statistics on companies of interest. Fee: First $10,000 is managed free.


Td ameritrade app logo

TD Ameritrade

Users may obtain all the fundamentals of investing (mobile trading, streaming quotes, news, real-time balances), and also something unique - 'Snapstock'. This features allows users to snap a picture or bar-code on any item, and then link directly to stock market information. Neat? Fee: Free.


Wealthfront app logo


Want a glimpse into the future? Wealthfront marries the best in technology with the best of investing, manages over $1.5 billion in assets, and is fully automated and simple. Users create their own portfolio, and algorithms do the rest. Information is tracked and recalculated by the minute. Fee: Free to .25 percent of annual balance.


Yahoo finance app logo

Yahoo! Finance:

This sleek, beautifully designed app makes investing an extremely enjoyable experience. It allows users to sync portfolios and quotes across multiple devices, trade stocks, currencies, commodities and more. A push notification sends users breaking-news. Fee: Free.

 These apps will help you find your footing in a field constantly abuzz with challenges, excitement, opportunity, and change, but to ensure all your investment technology provides double banking encryption, as Squeeze does for its clients.